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Sync date of all workstations

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  • Sync date of all workstations

    Is there a good way to assure all machines have the same correct date?
    The machines may not be on the internet.
    Invoices and other accounting functions can really get messed up if a workstation incorrectly changes a date and posts.

    I currently notify the user that the date has changed from the last posted invoice, but that is not enough to stop a user if they think the date is correct.

    Don't want to make registry entries to prevent workstations from changing the date. Would rather synch date to the file server.

    I am thinking about writing the date to disk only by the file server and workstations have read-only access to that date.
    The first invoice on any day could be performed by any of the workstations (with an incorrect date.)

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    Tardis on the server, K9 on clients. Keeps computers on a LAN synced.
    The Tardis Home Page (
    Not updated for 6 years, but was stable so why fix what isn't broke?

    Users not messing with synced time at all is a separate problem.

    (add - put Tardis on any computer on the LAN. It becomes the Time Server. Does not have to be the server on the LAN.)



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      The standard centralized business way this is done is to setup a Domain. You will need a simple server as a domain controller [DC], but it can even be a virtual machine). You then add the devices to that domain. The devices will then centrally update from the server. Only need to worry about keeping the time up to date on that DC.
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        Reuqires elevated prvileges, but:
        net time \\Fileserver /set
        You could even have it run as a scheduled task or as part of a batch file that runs it and then opens your accounting application.

        Or take a look at the WIndows command w32tm


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          Those are exactly what was needed!! Thanks, again, Stuart.
          Easier to just put in my startup batch file (as suggested.)
           LOCAL sharename AS STRING
           sharename = "\perfect"
           SHELL "net time " + sharename + " /set /y",0
          END FUNCTION