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Win11 Not Work With i3

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  • Win11 Not Work With i3

    I was going to put Win11 on my spare i3 PC. It passed the PC Health test EXCEPT that my i3 processor isn't supported by Win11. That's a bummer!

    I3 Intel processors older than the eighth generation are not compatible with Windows 11 installation
    Mine is a 7th generation.

    10th generation at MicroCenter is $90.

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    Windows 11 supported Intel processors

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      Depending on your sense of humous, Win 11 not supported by a lartge number of computer CPUs. Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot before, WinME, Vista, Win8.?, will 11 be next ?
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        Howdy, Steve!

        I'm afraid that what you say might well be true. Doesn't Windows fail on every other release, or something like that?


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          While I am not interested in being a beta tester for Win11 like we all were with Win10, some of the security hardware is worth having in some environments like government and corporations that have sloppy and lax security.

          Secure boot, OS virtualisation and the encryption chip TPM 2.0 are all worth having but instead of cutting off a vast number of people, you would think that they would have optional configuration for these useful capacities so that people with older hardware could use at least some of it.

          My oldest Gigabyte X99 board supports an add in TPM 2.0 module so I sourced one in China, it can do secure boot and OS virtualisation as well but with all of this, Win11 is still not compatible so if it ever succeeds, it won't go on that box.
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            Howdy, Steve!

            In my case, I just want to run PowerBASIC code on Win11 to see if any gotcha's come up, particular where I use API of various kinds. I'm hoping too, that the speech recognition capabilities have improved. I've really not read much about Win11 so far - just waiting to have a copy ready to try out. I've opened up my older all-in-one PC and removed the i3. That was easy enough and I hope putting in a new processor will go as easily.


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              Originally posted by Gary Beene View Post
              . I've really not read much about Win11 so far - just waiting to have a copy ready to try out.

              #1 Changing your default browser is like a bad game of whack-a-mole
              #2 If you want to revert your Windows 11 upgrade, you only have ten days
              #3 Windows 11 Home won't let you use a local account for initial setup
              #4 Open File Location doesn't
              #5 Control panel inconsistency is a disgrace
              #6 Truncated context menus cut off access to needed capabilities
              #7 The search bar is gone
              #8 The whole hardware compatibility kerfuffle


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                Howdy, Stuart!

                Ha! The article even mentions this ...

                Serious Windows users have long observed an unfortunate trend: every other release of Windows is disappointing.
                Good grief, the "Open File Location" alone is enough to make me shy away from Win11. But the whole list of issues that I'm seeing reported makes it very hard to get excited about Win11.

                If it wasn't for the potential for customers to get Win11 PCs, and needing to know if PowerBASIC apps will work as intended on Win11, I'd happily skip Win11 and wait for Win12.

                Thanks for the link!


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                  I am on Windows 11 and the open file/folder location is still available and it works
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                    Microsoft publishes a document on how to install Win11 on unsupported hardware, with a warning:



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                      Thinking that I would replace my 7th gen i3 with a 10th gen IC, I removed the i3 from the spare PC ... only to find out that the 10th gen will not fit in the 7th gen socket. I should have looked before I leaped. Now I have a disassembled PC that I have to put back together. Bummer.


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                        Just cut off the pins that don't fit the socket, I'm sure it will be fine.
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                          Howdy, Eric!

                          There's a reason why your forum image shows a slight grin!


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                            Hi Gary
                            If you have Windows 10 and enable Hyper-V, you will see a menu item in Windows Admin called Hyper-V quick Create. Click on it and you can select Windows 11 Dev VM which it will download and install on your current machine. Obviously you need some memory to allocate to it but it does the job for me without having to do a physical install.

                            Merry Christmas everyone