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  • More Cursor Stuff

    Things to do with a cursor:

    I can do these with various API:
    • Move cursor to center of desktop (SetCursorPos)
    • Add mouse trails (SystemParametersInfo)
    • Enable "sonar rings" around mouse when Ctrl is pressed (SystemParametersInfo)
    • Put a crosshair on the desktop, surrounding the cursor (custom layered/transparent dialog)

    But I haven't found the API yet to change the cursor size and color, corresponding to the options available in Win10 Settings.

    I can do it with the SetCursor/LoadImage API, but that requires I provide the at-size images. Since Win10 Settings lets you make the size/color changes, I was expecting to find an API that implements the changes made in Settings.

    It may be that a Registry change would work, but I tend to avoid make Registry changes.

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    Well, there is a special or custom made cursor with trails in


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      Howdy, Anne!

      Yes, thanks for the link. But I'm wanting to programmatically access the size/color changes that are provided by Win10 in Settings. My search on the web has not turned up any results.


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        Seasons greetings Gary,

        Doesn't look as if you can programmatically access the 'new' color pointer settings..
        See this blog
        Rgds, Dave


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          Howdy, Dave!

          Well, that is a bummer. I can generate an image on the fly but doing that for every kind of mouse image there is (just one at a time, but a wide variety) seems to be an awfully brute force approach for someone like Microsoft.

          From what Raymond said, there's no way to emulate the use of Settings to have Win10 go through the size/color change process? An automation of keyboard steps to get there?

          I guess I'll have to decide how much I want the result and decide if it's worth the coding effort.


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            couldn't you have different cursors in your program resource and pick the appropriate one?
            something like some programs do for example a spreadsheet may change the cursor to a +
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              Howdy, Johan!

              Yes, that's what I do now in some of my apps. As an alternative I was hoping to tap into the capability Win10 already provides.


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                  Perhaps we can display different cursors on different controls as in
                  the following attached program :

                  1. Buttons A , B and C will have the hand cursor

                  2. Textbox will have the normal cursor

                  3. Elsewhere will have the marker cursor
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