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  • Memory and pointers

    I am trying to allocate a block, write 'abcd' to it, advance the pointer and write 'efgh' to it. It doesn't seem to want to work the way I expect it to. Also there seems to be some kind of alignment issue also. If you change the offset from 4 to 3 it blows up the program with invalid memory access.

    #DIM ALL
      LOCAL lDebug AS LONG: TXT.WINDOW "Debug", 10,10,50,75 TO lDebug 'Thanks Dave!
      LOCAL hBuffer AS DWORD
      LOCAL lSize AS LONG
      GLOBALMEM ALLOC 20 TO hBuffer: TXT.PRINT "hBuffer=" & HEX$(hBuffer)
      GLOBALMEM LOCK hBuffer TO pBuffer: TXT.PRINT "pBuffer=" & HEX$(pBuffer)
      GLOBALMEM SIZE hBuffer TO lSize: TXT.PRINT "lSize=" & DEC$(lSize)
      @pBuffer = "abcd"
      TXT.PRINT @pBuffer
      pBuffer = pBuffer +4
      @pBuffer = "efgh"
      TXT.PRINT @pBuffer
      pbuffer = pBuffer -4
      TXT.PRINT @pBuffer
      GLOBALMEM UNLOCK hBuffer TO hBuffer: TXT.PRINT "hBuffer=" & HEX$(hBuffer)
      GLOBALMEM FREE hBuffer TO pBuffer: TXT.PRINT "pBuffer=" & HEX$(pBuffer)
      TXT.PRINT "Press any key to exit (just like the old days!)": TXT.WAITKEY$: TXT.END

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    A 'STRING PTR' is the address of the string descriptor, not the string data itself.

    If you instead called 'pbuffer' an ASCIIZ PTR or a WSTRINGZ PTR, or a fixed string pointer ("[W]STRING PTR * size) (depending if you want to write ANSI or Wide chars) it should work just fine, as those specify the address of the characters themselves.

    I'm not sure on that fixed-string declaration... I just use the null-terminated ("Z") version of ambiguous length (no size specified) myself. I thought it was "[W]STRING * size PTR" but I can only find the definition for the "Z" types in the help file and they have the "* size" last.
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]


    • #3
      You appear to be confusing STRING PTR and STRPTR. They are not the same thing and should not be mixed.

      A STRING PTR points to a 4 Byte string handle (which is why 3 causes a problem). STRPTR points to the memory location of the string data,

      You are using your memory block to store the pointers to the strings, not to the strings themselves.

      #DIM ALL
      LOCAL lDebug AS LONG: TXT.WINDOW "Debug", 10,10,40,120 TO lDebug 'Thanks Dave!
      LOCAL hBuffer AS DWORD
      LOCAL lSize AS LONG
      GLOBALMEM ALLOC 20 TO hBuffer: TXT.PRINT "hBuffer= ",hBuffer
      GLOBALMEM LOCK hBuffer TO pBuffer: TXT.PRINT "pBuffer= ", pBuffer
      GLOBALMEM SIZE hBuffer TO lSize: TXT.PRINT "lSize=" & DEC$(lSize)
      TXT.PRINT "pBuffer","VarPtr","StrPtr","STring"
      @pBuffer = "abcdeabcdeabcdeabcdeabcdeabcdeabcdeabcdeabcdeabcdeabcdeabcdeabcdeabcde"
      TXT.PRINT pBuffer,VARPTR(@pBuffer),STRPTR(@pBuffer),@pBuffer
      pBuffer = pBuffer +4
      @pBuffer = "efghgefghgefghgefghgefghgefghgefghgefghgefghgefghgefghgefghgefghgefghg"
      TXT.PRINT pBuffer,VARPTR(@pBuffer),STRPTR(@pBuffer),@pBuffer
      pbuffer = pBuffer -4
      TXT.PRINT pBuffer,VARPTR(@pBuffer),STRPTR(@pBuffer),@pBuffer
      GLOBALMEM UNLOCK hBuffer TO hBuffer: TXT.PRINT "hBuffer=" & HEX$(hBuffer)
      GLOBALMEM FREE hBuffer TO pBuffer: TXT.PRINT "pBuffer=" & HEX$(pBuffer)
      TXT.PRINT "Press any key to exit (just like the old days!)": TXT.WAITKEY$: TXT.END


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        Using a fixed length string (same size as the allocated memory) works:
        #COMPILE EXE
        #DIM ALL
          LOCAL lDebug AS LONG: TXT.WINDOW "Debug", 10,10,40,120 TO lDebug 'Thanks Dave!
          LOCAL hBuffer AS DWORD
          LOCAL pBuffer AS STRING PTR * 20  'same size as global memory allocated!!!
          LOCAL lSize AS LONG
          GLOBALMEM ALLOC 20 TO hBuffer: TXT.PRINT "hBuffer= ",hBuffer
          GLOBALMEM LOCK hBuffer TO pBuffer: TXT.PRINT "pBuffer= ", pBuffer
          GLOBALMEM SIZE hBuffer TO lSize: TXT.PRINT "lSize=" & DEC$(lSize)
          TXT.PRINT "pBuffer","VarPtr","STring"
          @pBuffer = "abcd"
          TXT.PRINT pBuffer,VARPTR(@pBuffer),@pBuffer,"---"
          pBuffer = pBuffer +4
          @pBuffer = "efgh"
          TXT.PRINT pBuffer,VARPTR(@pBuffer),@pBuffer,"---"
          pbuffer = pBuffer -4
          TXT.PRINT pBuffer,VARPTR(@pBuffer),@pBuffer,"---"
          GLOBALMEM UNLOCK hBuffer TO hBuffer: TXT.PRINT "hBuffer=" & HEX$(hBuffer)
          GLOBALMEM FREE hBuffer TO pBuffer: TXT.PRINT "pBuffer=" & HEX$(pBuffer)
          TXT.PRINT "Press any key to exit (just like the old days!)": TXT.WAITKEY$: TXT.END


        • #5
          Using a BYTE PTR and good old PEEK$ and POKE$ works too...

          #COMPILE EXE
          #DIM ALL
             LOCAL lDebug AS LONG: TXT.WINDOW "Debug", 10,10,40,120 TO lDebug 'Thanks Dave!
             LOCAL hBuffer AS DWORD
             LOCAL pBuffer AS BYTE PTR
             LOCAL lSize AS LONG
             GLOBALMEM ALLOC 20 TO hBuffer: TXT.PRINT "hBuffer= ",hBuffer
             GLOBALMEM LOCK hBuffer TO pBuffer: TXT.PRINT "pBuffer= ", pBuffer
             GLOBALMEM SIZE hBuffer TO lSize: TXT.PRINT "lSize=" & DEC$(lSize)
             pBuffer = pBuffer +4
             POKE$ pBuffer,"efgh"
             TXT.PRINT PEEK$(pBuffer,4)
             pbuffer = pBuffer -4
             POKE$ pBuffer,"abcd"
             TXT.PRINT PEEK$(pBuffer,4)
             TXT.PRINT PEEK$(pBuffer,8)
             GLOBALMEM UNLOCK hBuffer TO hBuffer: TXT.PRINT "hBuffer=" & HEX$(hBuffer)
             GLOBALMEM FREE hBuffer TO pBuffer: TXT.PRINT "pBuffer=" & HEX$(pBuffer)
             TXT.PRINT "Press any key to exit (just like the old days!)": TXT.WAITKEY$: TXT.END
          END FUNCTION


          • #6

            Unless you are writing code for the clipboard, its better to avoid the old format of GlobalLock() and use the direct GlobalAlloc() call that casts the memory address directly to a pointer. The GMEM_FIXED is the required style, the GMEM_ZEROINIT is if you want the memory to be filled with zeros.
                MACRO memsize = 1024*1024*768
              ' --------------------------------
                LOCAL psrc as DWORD
                LOCAL pdst as DWORD
                psrc = GlobalAlloc(%GMEM_FIXED or %GMEM_ZEROINIT,memsize)
                pdst = GlobalAlloc(%GMEM_FIXED or %GMEM_ZEROINIT,memsize)
              ' more code
                GlobalFree psrc
                GlobalFree pdst
            hutch at movsd dot com
            The MASM Forum



            • #7
              Yep, you all are right. I was working on something else and used the TXT.PRINT to show the results and got stuck on STRING. Tried BYTE PTR but it wanted a string. ASCIIZ PTR works perfect for now. I should of known better.

              Steve: I will probably use API calls instead of built in commands. Again I did that to speed up learning a point and couldn't see the forest for the trees.


              • #8
                Michael Mattias in post #2
                I just use the null-terminated ("Z") version of ambiguous length (no size specified) myself
                 LOCAL hBuffer AS LONG
                 LOCAL pBuffer AS STRINGZ PTR
                 GLOBALMEM ALLOC 20 TO hBuffer
                 GLOBALMEM LOCK hBuffer TO pBuffer
                 @pBuffer = "abcd"
                 pBuffer = pBuffer + 4
                 @pBuffer = "efgh"
                 pBuffer = pBuffer - 4
                 ? @pBuffer 'abcdefgh
                 GLOBALMEM UNLOCK hBuffer TO hBuffer
                 GLOBALMEM FREE   hBuffer TO pBuffer
                END FUNCTION


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Mike Doty View Post
                  FUNCTION PBMAIN AS LONG
                  LOCAL hBuffer AS LONG
                  LOCAL pBuffer AS STRINGZ PTR
                  GLOBALMEM ALLOC 20 TO hBuffer
                  GLOBALMEM LOCK hBuffer TO pBuffer
                  @pBuffer = "abcd"
                  pBuffer = pBuffer + 4
                  @pBuffer = "efgh"
                  pBuffer = pBuffer - 4
                  ? @pBuffer 'abcdefgh
                  GLOBALMEM UNLOCK hBuffer TO hBuffer
                  GLOBALMEM FREE hBuffer TO pBuffer
                  END FUNCTION
                  Careful with that! There's nothing to stop a buffer overflow!

                  Use STRING PTR * 20 and assign a string larger than 20 characters - it will be safely truncated.

                  USE STRINGZ PTR and assign a string greater than 20 characters and you will write into memory that may well be in use by somethiing else!!!

                  #COMPILER PBWIN
                  #COMPILE EXE
                  #DIM ALL
                  FUNCTION PBMAIN() AS LONG
                    LOCAL lDebug AS LONG: TXT.WINDOW "Debug", 10,10,40,120 TO lDebug 'Thanks Dave!
                    LOCAL hBuffer AS DWORD
                    LOCAL pBuffer AS STRING PTR * 20  'same size as global memory allocated!!!
                    ' LOCAL pBuffer AS STRINGZ PTR  'Nothing to stop a buffer overflow!!!
                    LOCAL lSize AS LONG
                    GLOBALMEM ALLOC 20 TO hBuffer: TXT.PRINT "hBuffer= ",hBuffer
                    GLOBALMEM LOCK hBuffer TO pBuffer: TXT.PRINT "pBuffer= ", pBuffer
                    GLOBALMEM SIZE hBuffer TO lSize: TXT.PRINT "lSize=" & DEC$(lSize)
                    TXT.PRINT "pBuffer","VarPtr","STring"
                    @pBuffer = "abcdabcdabcdabcdabcdabcdabcdabcddddd"
                    TXT.PRINT pBuffer,VARPTR(@pBuffer),@pBuffer;"---"
                    GLOBALMEM UNLOCK hBuffer TO hBuffer: TXT.PRINT "hBuffer=" & HEX$(hBuffer)
                    GLOBALMEM FREE hBuffer TO pBuffer: TXT.PRINT "pBuffer=" & HEX$(pBuffer)
                    TXT.PRINT "Press any key to exit (just like the old days!)": TXT.WAITKEY$: TXT.END
                  END FUNCTION


                  • #10
                    The GMEM_FIXED is the required style
                    Don't forget the disadvantages of type GMEM_FIXED; namely, it will not allow the system to move the memory where it would benefit the whole system and may in fact inhibit your ability to allocate what you need because GMEM_FIXED can result in fragmentation.

                    Granted, with 2 Gb user addressable memory it could only make a difference with many large blocks. However you should not ignore the limitations when presenting options to other members. .

                    Careful with that! There's nothing to stop a buffer overflow!
                    Whenever you go outside the "normal" use of BASIC language variables, performing your own allocations and directly accessing memory by address, the programmer must be responsible for all addresses accessed. That PowerBASIC provides the tools is nice, but as I have heard somewhere, "With great power comes great responsibility."
                    Michael Mattias
                    Tal Systems (retired)
                    Port Washington WI USA
                    [email protected]


                    • #11
                      GlobalAlloc() with the FIXED flag, HeapAlloc() and VirtualAlloc() are all direct allocations to fixed memory. Once the memory is allocated in an application's address space, it does not change.
                      hutch at movsd dot com
                      The MASM Forum



                      • #12
                        I like Stuarts method except the buffer size is hard-coded
                        LOCAL pBuffer AS STRING PTR * 20 'same size as global memory allocated!!!
                        1) Is this using twice the amount of memory?

                        Trying Steve's method

                        2) Are there api calls to write to the global memory area instead of using PowerBASIC string functions?
                        pBuffer can be incremented/decremented or use PowerBASIC string functions.

                        3) Does this use the same amount of memory as Stuart's method?
                        4) Does the STRING PTR * 20 allocate another buffer?
                        #INCLUDE ""
                        FUNCTION PBMAIN AS LONG
                         LOCAL bytes   AS LONG
                         LOCAL hBuffer AS LONG
                         LOCAL pBuffer AS STRINGZ PTR
                         LOCAL pStart  AS STRINGZ PTR 'for convenience beginning of string
                         bytes = 20
                         GLOBALMEM ALLOC bytes   TO hBuffer
                         GLOBALMEM LOCK  hBuffer TO pBuffer
                         @pBuffer = STRING$(bytes," ")  'fill buffer
                         pStart = pBuffer               'start of string for convenience    
                         LSET @pBuffer = "abcd"
                         pBuffer = pBuffer + 4
                         LSET @pBuffer = "efgh"
                         ? WRAP$(@pStart,$DQ,$DQ)
                         GLOBALMEM UNLOCK hBuffer TO hBuffer
                         GLOBALMEM FREE   hBuffer TO pBuffer
                        END FUNCTION


                        • #13
                          "4) Does the STRING PTR * 20 allocate another buffer?"
                          No! It is allocating 4 bytes, a pointer. Then the memory address to the 20 bytes is placed there.
                          Leaving out "PTR" would allocate another 20 bytes, and would be another variable, except the names would not be unique. (or least very confusing)


                          • #14
                            What I was ultimately messing around with was being able to read in one, many or all random records from a file into one buffer and then being able to access them one field at a time. Either to use them in bulk processing of the entire file or read a screen worth for display instead of reading one record at a time.

                            I started with reading them into a dynamic string but a local memory block seems like a better way to go.

                            Now I can move forward with putting the allocation in the .create method, the reallocate in the .readblock method and the free in the .destroy method.
                            #COMPILER PBWIN
                            #COMPILE EXE
                            #DIM ALL
                            #INCLUDE "Win32API.Inc"
                            TYPE NameRec
                              Country AS STRING * 10
                              State   AS STRING * 10
                              City    AS STRING * 10
                            END TYPE
                            FUNCTION PBMAIN() AS LONG
                              LOCAL lDebug AS LONG: TXT.WINDOW "Debug", 10,10,50,75 TO lDebug 'Thanks Dave!
                              LOCAL hAlloc AS DWORD
                              LOCAL lResult AS LONG
                              LOCAL pBuffer AS NameRec PTR
                              hAlloc = LocalAlloc(%LMEM_MOVEABLE, SIZEOF(NameRec)): TXT.PRINT "LocalAlloc = " & CHOOSE$(hAlloc +1, "Fail" ELSE HEX$(hAlloc))
                              IF hAlloc <> 0 THEN
                                lResult = LocalSize(hAlloc): TXT.PRINT "LocalSize = " & DEC$(lResult)
                                pBuffer = LocalLock(hAlloc): TXT.PRINT "LocalLock = " & HEX$(pBuffer)
                                @pBuffer[0].Country = "USA"
                                @pBuffer[0].STATE = "Illinois"
                                @pBuffer[0].City = "Chicago"
                                TXT.PRINT "pBuffer[0] = " & @pBuffer[0]
                                lResult = LocalUnLock(hAlloc): TXT.PRINT "LocalUnLock = " & CHOOSE$(lResult +1, "UnLocked" ELSE DEC$(lResult))
                                lResult = LocalReAlloc(hAlloc, SIZEOF(NameRec) *2, %LMEM_MOVEABLE): TXT.PRINT "LocalReAlloc = " & DEC$(lResult)
                                lResult = LocalSize(hAlloc): TXT.PRINT "LocalSize = " & DEC$(lResult)
                                pBuffer = LocalLock(hAlloc): TXT.PRINT "LocalLock = " & HEX$(pBuffer)
                                @pBuffer[1].Country = "USA"
                                @pBuffer[1].STATE = "Illinois"
                                @pBuffer[1].City = "Zion"
                                TXT.PRINT "pBuffer[1] = " & @pBuffer[1]
                                TXT.PRINT "pBuffer = " & PEEK$(pBuffer, SIZEOF(NameRec) *2)
                                lResult = LocalUnLock(hAlloc): TXT.PRINT "LocalUnLock = " & CHOOSE$(lResult +1, "UnLocked" ELSE DEC$(lResult))
                                lResult = LocalFree(hAlloc): TXT.PRINT "LocalFree = " & CHOOSE$(lResult +1, "Success" ELSE "Fail")
                              END IF
                              TXT.PRINT "Press any key to exit (just like the old days!)": TXT.WAITKEY$: TXT.END
                            END FUNCTION


                            • #15
                              There are much easier ways than pointers and have everything in memory.
                              Another method, not shown, REDIM rec() AS NameRec
                              The very easiest method would be to use SQLite to be able to SELECT any group of records.
                              $File = "junk.txt"
                              #INCLUDE ""
                              TYPE NameRec
                               Country AS STRING * 10
                               State   AS STRING * 10
                               City    AS STRING * 10
                               feed    AS STRING * 2
                              END TYPE
                              FUNCTION PBMAIN AS LONG
                               LOCAL x, hFile,recnum AS LONG,rec AS NameRec, s AS STRING
                               hFile = FREEFILE
                               OPEN $File FOR RANDOM AS #hfile LEN=LEN(rec)
                               FOR x = 1 TO 1
                                recnum = LOF(#hFile)\LEN(rec) + 1
                                rec.Country = USING$("Country#",recnum)
                                rec.State   = USING$("State#",recnum)
                                rec.City    = USING$("City#",recnum)
                                rec.feed    = $CRLF
                                PUT #hFile,recnum,rec
                               CLOSE #hFile
                               'All records into a STRING
                               OPEN $File FOR BINARY AS #hfile
                               GET$ #hFile,LOF(hFile),s
                               ? s,,USING$("# bytes in string",LEN(s))
                              'All records into an ARRAY
                               REDIM RecordArray(1 TO recnum) AS STRING
                               PARSE s,RecordArray()
                               ? JOIN$(RecordArray(),""),,"Array"
                               CLOSE #hfile
                               ShellExecute (0, "OPEN", "Junk.txt", BYVAL 0, CURDIR$, %SW_SHOWNORMAL)
                              END FUNCTION


                              • #16
                                What I was ultimately messing around WITH was being able TO READ IN one, many OR ALL RANDOM RECORDS FROM a file into one buffer AND THEN
                                being able TO ACCESS them one FIELD AT a time. Either TO use them IN bulk processing OF the entire file OR READ a screen worth FOR DISPLAY
                                instead OF reading one record AT a time.

                                I started WITH reading them into a dynamic STRING but a LOCAL MEMORY block seems like a better way TO go.

                                Now I can move forward WITH putting the allocation IN the .CREATE METHOD, the reallocate IN the .readblock METHOD AND the FREE IN the .DESTROY method.
                                Sounds like a perfect fit for SQLite or SQLitening. Let SQL statements do all the work.
                                Click image for larger version  Name:	frank.png Views:	1 Size:	2.1 KB ID:	813261
                                #INCLUDE ""                   'c:\sql\bin\frank.bas 1/1/22
                                MACRO bind(parm) = slBuildBindDat(parm,"T")
                                FUNCTION PBMAIN AS LONG
                                 LOCAL sResult,sql AS STRING, x AS LONG
                                'slConnect "",12345  'optionally connect to SQLItening server
                                 slOpen "junk.db3","C"
                                 slexe  "create table if not exists ClientTable(Country TEXT,State TEXT,City TEXT)"
                                 'could create indexes "create index if not exists Index1 on ClientTable(Country)
                                 'insert a bunch of records
                                 slExe "Begin Exclusive"  'locking database once is many times faster
                                 FOR x = 1 TO 20:InsertRecord("US","NE","Omaha"):NEXT
                                 FOR x = 1 TO 3: InsertRecord("US","NY","Buffalo"):NEXT
                                 slExe "End"
                                 'search for all records in 'Buffalo'
                                 sql = "select * from ClientTable where City = 'Buffalo'
                                 sresult = ShowRecords(sql) + $CR + $CR
                                 'count the number of records found in 'NE'
                                 sql = "select 'NE records found '||count(*) from ClientTable where State = 'NE'"
                                 sresult+= ShowRecords(sql)
                                 ? sresult,%MB_SYSTEMMODAL,"2-searches"
                                END FUNCTION
                                FUNCTION InsertRecord(sCountry AS STRING, sState AS STRING, sCity AS STRING) AS LONG
                                 DIM scolumn(1 TO 3) AS STRING 'more efficient than concatenating columns
                                 sColumn(1) = Bind(sCountry)   'binding eliminates wrapping text within $SQ
                                 sColumn(2) = Bind(sState)     'pages can be inserted into any column "as is"
                                 sColumn(3) = Bind(sCity)
                                 slexebind "insert into ClientTable Values(?,?,?)",JOIN$(sColumn(),"")
                                END FUNCTION
                                FUNCTION ShowRecords(sql AS STRING) AS STRING
                                 LOCAL sArray() AS STRING
                                 slSelAry sql,sArray(),"Q9cE2" 'Q=1-dimension,9=tab delimited,c=no column heading,E2=show msgbox if error
                                 FUNCTION = JOIN$(sArray(),$CR)
                                END FUNCTION


                                • #17
                                  Yep, using GLOBALMEM is a very awkward way of achieving the objectives compared to an array of UDTs or an SQLite database.

                                  In the OP's situation, I'd go with the array initially since it introduces many PowerBASIC concepts which have many uses. I'd go the SQLite route once the PB fundamentals are absorbed since SQL is a whole other language (a bit like SDK style windows)

                                  It also re-inforces the fact that you can handle a lot of data efficiently in memoruy in different ways in Windows (and PB) compared to the days of DOS..


                                  • #18
                                    Something to build on using an array of UDTs in a file (The initial file build is limited by the DATA limit in PB.)

                                    #COMPILE EXE
                                    #DIM ALL  'You should ALWAYS use this to avoid hard to detect typos
                                    #DEBUG ERROR ON   'Always include these two error trappers ...
                                    #DEBUG DISPLAY ON 'while developing - remove in finished code
                                    $File = "junk.txt"
                                    TYPE City
                                     Country AS STRINGZ * 21
                                     State   AS STRINGZ * 21
                                     City    AS STRINGZ * 21
                                    END TYPE
                                    GLOBAL Cities() AS City
                                    FUNCTION PBMAIN AS LONG
                                     LOCAL x,ff,reccount AS LONG
                                     LOCAL s AS STRING
                                     'Build the demo dataset if required
                                     IF NOT ISFILE($file) THEN  CreateDataFile
                                     'Get the data array
                                     ff = FREEFILE
                                     OPEN $file FOR BINARY AS #ff
                                     reccount = LOF(#ff)/SIZEOF(City)
                                     REDIM Cities(1 TO reccount)
                                     GET #ff,, Cities()
                                     CLOSE #ff
                                     ? "Loaded" & STR$(reccount) & " records"
                                     ? "Last Record = " & cities(reccount).Country & ", " & cities(reccount).State & "," & cities(reccount).City
                                     ARRAY SCAN cities(), FROM 22 TO  42, => "NEBRASKA", TO x
                                     ? "First Nebraska City = " & cities(x).city
                                     FOR x = 1 TO reccount
                                          IF cities(x).state = "Maine" THEN s += cities(x).city & $LF
                                     ? "All Maine Cities" & $LF & s
                                    END FUNCTION
                                    FUNCTION CreateDataFIle() AS LONG
                                        LOCAL x,recnum,ff AS LONG
                                       REDIM  Cities(1 TO 1000)
                                       FOR x = 1 TO DATACOUNT STEP 3
                                           INCR recnum
                                           IF recnum > UBOUND(Cities()) THEN
                                               REDIM PRESERVE cities(1 TO recnum+1000)
                                           END IF
                                           cities(recnum).Country = READ$(x)
                                           cities(recnum).State = READ$(x+1)
                                           cities(recnum).City = READ$(x+2)
                                      REDIM PRESERVE cities(1 TO recnum)
                                      ff = FREEFILE
                                      OPEN $file FOR BINARY AS #ff
                                      PUT #ff,, cities()
                                      ? "Array of " & STR$(recnum) & " records saved"
                                      CLOSE #ff
                                      EXIT FUNCTION ' not really needed!
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Alabaster
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Albertville
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Alexander City
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Andalusia
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Anniston
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Arab
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Athens
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Atmore
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Attalla
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Auburn
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Bay Minette
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Bessemer
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Birmingham
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Boaz
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Brent
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Brewton
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Calera
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Center Point
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Chelsea
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Chickasaw
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Clanton
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Clay
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Cullman
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Daleville
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Daphne
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Decatur
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Demopolis
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Dothan
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Enterprise
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Eufaula
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Fairfield
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Fairhope
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Florence
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Foley
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Fort Payne
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Fultondale
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Gadsden
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Gardendale
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Glencoe
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Greenville
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Gulf Shores
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Guntersville
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Hamilton
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Hartselle
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Helena
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Homewood
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Hoover
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Hueytown
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Huntsville
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Irondale
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Jacksonville
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Jasper
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Lanett
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Leeds
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Lincoln
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Madison
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Midfield
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Millbrook
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Mobile
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Montevallo
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Montgomery
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Moody
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Mountain Brook
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Muscle Shoals
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Northport
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Oneonta
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Opelika
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Orange Beach
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Oxford
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Ozark
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Pelham
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Pell City
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Phenix City
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Pike Road
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Pinson
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Pleasant Grove
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Prattville
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Prichard
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Rainbow City
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Rainsville
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Robertsdale
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Russellville
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Saraland
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Satsuma
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Scottsboro
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Selma
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Sheffield
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Smiths Station
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Southside
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Spanish Fort
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Sylacauga
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Talladega
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Tarrant
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Troy
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Trussville
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Tuscaloosa
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Tuscumbia
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Tuskegee
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Valley
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Vestavia Hills
                                    DATA USA,Alabama,Wetumpka
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Anchorage
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Fairbanks
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Homer
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Juneau
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Kenai
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Ketchikan
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Kodiak
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Palmer
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Sitka
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Soldotna
                                    DATA USA,Alaska,Wasilla
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Apache Junction
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Avondale
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Bisbee
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Buckeye
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Bullhead City
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Camp Verde
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Casa Grande
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Cave Creek
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Chandler
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Chino Valley
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Clifton
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Colorado City
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Coolidge
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Cottonwood
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Douglas
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Eagar
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,El Mirage
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Eloy
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Flagstaff
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Florence
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Fountain Hills
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Gilbert
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Glendale
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Globe
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Goodyear
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Guadalupe
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Kingman
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Lake Havasu City
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Litchfield Park
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Marana
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Maricopa
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Mesa
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Nogales
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Oro Valley
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Page
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Paradise Valley
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Payson
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Peoria
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Phoenix
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Prescott
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Prescott Valley
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Queen Creek
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Safford
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Sahuarita
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,San Luis
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Scottsdale
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Sedona
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Show Low
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Sierra Vista
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Snowflake
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Somerton
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,South Tucson
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Surprise
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Tempe
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Thatcher
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Tolleson
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Tucson
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Winslow
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Youngtown
                                    DATA USA,Arizona,Yuma
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Alma
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Arkadelphia
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Batesville
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Beebe
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Bella Vista
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Benton
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Bentonville
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Blytheville
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Bryant
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Cabot
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Camden
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Centerton
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Clarksville
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Conway
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Crossett
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,De Queen
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,El Dorado
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Farmington
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Fayetteville
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Forrest City
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Fort Smith
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Greenwood
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Harrison
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Heber Springs
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Helena-West Helena
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Hope
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Hot Springs
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Jacksonville
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Jonesboro
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Little Rock
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Lowell
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Magnolia
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Malvern
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Marion
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Maumelle
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Mena
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Monticello
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Morrilton
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Mountain Home
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Newport
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,North Little Rock
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Osceola
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Paragould
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Pea Ridge
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Pine Bluff
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Pocahontas
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Rogers
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Russellville
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Searcy
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Sherwood
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Siloam Springs
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Springdale
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Stuttgart
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Texarkana
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Trumann
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Van Buren
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Walnut Ridge
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Warren
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,West Memphis
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,White Hall
                                    DATA USA,Arkansas,Wynne
                                    DATA USA,California,Adelanto
                                    DATA USA,California,Agoura Hills
                                    DATA USA,California,Alameda
                                    DATA USA,California,Albany
                                    DATA USA,California,Alhambra
                                    DATA USA,California,Aliso Viejo
                                    DATA USA,California,American Canyon
                                    DATA USA,California,Anaheim
                                    DATA USA,California,Anderson
                                    DATA USA,California,Antioch
                                    DATA USA,California,Apple Valley
                                    DATA USA,California,Arcadia
                                    DATA USA,California,Arcata
                                    DATA USA,California,Arroyo Grande
                                    DATA USA,California,Artesia
                                    DATA USA,California,Arvin
                                    DATA USA,California,Atascadero
                                    DATA USA,California,Atherton
                                    DATA USA,California,Atwater
                                    DATA USA,California,Auburn
                                    DATA USA,California,Avenal
                                    DATA USA,California,Azusa
                                    DATA USA,California,Bakersfield
                                    DATA USA,California,Baldwin Park
                                    DATA USA,California,Banning
                                    DATA USA,California,Barstow
                                    DATA USA,California,Beaumont
                                    DATA USA,California,Bell
                                    DATA USA,California,Bell Gardens
                                    DATA USA,California,Bellflower
                                    DATA USA,California,Belmont
                                    DATA USA,California,Benicia
                                    DATA USA,California,Berkeley
                                    DATA USA,California,Beverly Hills
                                    DATA USA,California,Big Bear Lake
                                    DATA USA,California,Bishop
                                    DATA USA,California,Blythe
                                    DATA USA,California,Brawley
                                    DATA USA,California,Brea
                                    DATA USA,California,Brentwood
                                    DATA USA,California,Buellton
                                    DATA USA,California,Buena Park
                                    DATA USA,California,Burbank
                                    DATA USA,California,Burlingame
                                    DATA USA,California,Calabasas
                                    DATA USA,California,Calexico
                                    DATA USA,California,California City
                                    DATA USA,California,Calimesa
                                    DATA USA,California,Calipatria
                                    DATA USA,California,Calistoga
                                    DATA USA,California,Camarillo
                                    DATA USA,California,Campbell
                                    DATA USA,California,Canyon Lake
                                    DATA USA,California,Capitola
                                    DATA USA,California,Carlsbad
                                    DATA USA,California,Carpinteria
                                    DATA USA,California,Carson
                                    DATA USA,California,Cathedral City
                                    DATA USA,California,Ceres
                                    DATA USA,California,Cerritos
                                    DATA USA,California,Chico
                                    DATA USA,California,Chino
                                    DATA USA,California,Chino Hills
                                    DATA USA,California,Chowchilla
                                    DATA USA,California,Chula Vista
                                    DATA USA,California,Citrus Heights
                                    DATA USA,California,Claremont
                                    DATA USA,California,Clayton
                                    DATA USA,California,Clearlake
                                    DATA USA,California,Cloverdale
                                    DATA USA,California,Clovis
                                    DATA USA,California,Coachella
                                    DATA USA,California,Coalinga
                                    DATA USA,California,Colton
                                    DATA USA,California,Colusa
                                    DATA USA,California,Commerce
                                    DATA USA,California,Compton
                                    DATA USA,California,Concord
                                    DATA USA,California,Corcoran
                                    DATA USA,California,Corning
                                    DATA USA,California,Corona
                                    DATA USA,California,Coronado
                                    DATA USA,California,Corte Madera
                                    DATA USA,California,Costa Mesa
                                    DATA USA,California,Cotati
                                    DATA USA,California,Covina
                                    DATA USA,California,Crescent City
                                    DATA USA,California,Cudahy
                                    DATA USA,California,Culver City
                                    DATA USA,California,Cupertino
                                    DATA USA,California,Cypress
                                    DATA USA,California,Daly City
                                    DATA USA,California,Dana Point
                                    DATA USA,California,Danville
                                    DATA USA,California,Davis
                                    DATA USA,California,Delano
                                    DATA USA,California,Desert Hot Springs
                                    DATA USA,California,Diamond Bar
                                    DATA USA,California,Dinuba
                                    DATA USA,California,Dixon
                                    DATA USA,California,Dos Palos
                                    DATA USA,California,Downey
                                    DATA USA,California,Duarte
                                    DATA USA,California,Dublin
                                    DATA USA,California,East Palo Alto
                                    DATA USA,California,Eastvale
                                    DATA USA,California,El Cajon
                                    DATA USA,California,El Centro
                                    DATA USA,California,El Cerrito
                                    DATA USA,California,El Monte
                                    DATA USA,California,El Segundo
                                    DATA USA,California,Elk Grove
                                    DATA USA,California,Emeryville
                                    DATA USA,California,Encinitas
                                    DATA USA,California,Escalon
                                    DATA USA,California,Escondido
                                    DATA USA,California,Eureka
                                    DATA USA,California,Exeter
                                    DATA USA,California,Fairfax
                                    DATA USA,California,Fairfield
                                    DATA USA,California,Farmersville
                                    DATA USA,California,Fillmore
                                    DATA USA,California,Firebaugh
                                    DATA USA,California,Folsom
                                    DATA USA,California,Fontana
                                    DATA USA,California,Fort Bragg
                                    DATA USA,California,Fortuna
                                    DATA USA,California,Foster City
                                    DATA USA,California,Fountain Valley
                                    DATA USA,California,Fowler
                                    DATA USA,California,Fremont
                                    DATA USA,California,Fresno
                                    DATA USA,California,Fullerton
                                    DATA USA,California,Galt
                                    DATA USA,California,Garden Grove
                                    DATA USA,California,Gardena
                                    DATA USA,California,Gilroy
                                    DATA USA,California,Glendale
                                    DATA USA,California,Glendora
                                    DATA USA,California,Goleta
                                    DATA USA,California,Gonzales
                                    DATA USA,California,Grand Terrace
                                    DATA USA,California,Grass Valley
                                    DATA USA,California,Greenfield
                                    DATA USA,California,Gridley
                                    DATA USA,California,Grover Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Guadalupe
                                    DATA USA,California,Gustine
                                    DATA USA,California,Half Moon Bay
                                    DATA USA,California,Hanford
                                    DATA USA,California,Hawaiian Gardens
                                    DATA USA,California,Hawthorne
                                    DATA USA,California,Hayward
                                    DATA USA,California,Healdsburg
                                    DATA USA,California,Hemet
                                    DATA USA,California,Hercules
                                    DATA USA,California,Hermosa Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Hesperia
                                    DATA USA,California,Highland
                                    DATA USA,California,Hillsborough
                                    DATA USA,California,Hollister
                                    DATA USA,California,Holtville
                                    DATA USA,California,Hughson
                                    DATA USA,California,Huntington Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Huntington Park
                                    DATA USA,California,Huron
                                    DATA USA,California,Imperial
                                    DATA USA,California,Imperial Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Indian Wells
                                    DATA USA,California,Indio
                                    DATA USA,California,Inglewood
                                    DATA USA,California,Ione
                                    DATA USA,California,Irvine
                                    DATA USA,California,Jackson
                                    DATA USA,California,Kerman
                                    DATA USA,California,King City
                                    DATA USA,California,Kingsburg
                                    DATA USA,California,La Canada Flintridge
                                    DATA USA,California,La Habra
                                    DATA USA,California,La Habra Heights
                                    DATA USA,California,La Mesa
                                    DATA USA,California,La Mirada
                                    DATA USA,California,La Palma
                                    DATA USA,California,La Puente
                                    DATA USA,California,La Quinta
                                    DATA USA,California,La Verne
                                    DATA USA,California,Lafayette
                                    DATA USA,California,Laguna Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Laguna Hills
                                    DATA USA,California,Laguna Niguel
                                    DATA USA,California,Laguna Woods
                                    DATA USA,California,Lake Elsinore
                                    DATA USA,California,Lake Forest
                                    DATA USA,California,Lakeport
                                    DATA USA,California,Lakewood
                                    DATA USA,California,Lancaster
                                    DATA USA,California,Larkspur
                                    DATA USA,California,Lathrop
                                    DATA USA,California,Lawndale
                                    DATA USA,California,Lemon Grove
                                    DATA USA,California,Lemoore
                                    DATA USA,California,Lincoln
                                    DATA USA,California,Lindsay
                                    DATA USA,California,Live Oak
                                    DATA USA,California,Livermore
                                    DATA USA,California,Livingston
                                    DATA USA,California,Lodi
                                    DATA USA,California,Loma Linda
                                    DATA USA,California,Lomita
                                    DATA USA,California,Lompoc
                                    DATA USA,California,Long Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Loomis
                                    DATA USA,California,Los Alamitos
                                    DATA USA,California,Los Altos
                                    DATA USA,California,Los Altos Hills
                                    DATA USA,California,Los Angeles
                                    DATA USA,California,Los Banos
                                    DATA USA,California,Los Gatos
                                    DATA USA,California,Lynwood
                                    DATA USA,California,Madera
                                    DATA USA,California,Malibu
                                    DATA USA,California,Mammoth Lakes
                                    DATA USA,California,Manhattan Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Manteca
                                    DATA USA,California,Marina
                                    DATA USA,California,Martinez
                                    DATA USA,California,Marysville
                                    DATA USA,California,Maywood
                                    DATA USA,California,McFarland
                                    DATA USA,California,Mendota
                                    DATA USA,California,Menifee
                                    DATA USA,California,Menlo Park
                                    DATA USA,California,Merced
                                    DATA USA,California,Mill Valley
                                    DATA USA,California,Millbrae
                                    DATA USA,California,Milpitas
                                    DATA USA,California,Mission Viejo
                                    DATA USA,California,Modesto
                                    DATA USA,California,Monrovia
                                    DATA USA,California,Montclair
                                    DATA USA,California,Montebello
                                    DATA USA,California,Monterey
                                    DATA USA,California,Monterey Park
                                    DATA USA,California,Moorpark
                                    DATA USA,California,Moraga
                                    DATA USA,California,Moreno Valley
                                    DATA USA,California,Morgan Hill
                                    DATA USA,California,Morro Bay
                                    DATA USA,California,Mount Shasta
                                    DATA USA,California,Mountain View
                                    DATA USA,California,Murrieta
                                    DATA USA,California,Napa
                                    DATA USA,California,National City
                                    DATA USA,California,Needles
                                    DATA USA,California,Newark
                                    DATA USA,California,Newman
                                    DATA USA,California,Newport Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Norco
                                    DATA USA,California,Norwalk
                                    DATA USA,California,Novato
                                    DATA USA,California,Oakdale
                                    DATA USA,California,Oakland
                                    DATA USA,California,Oakley
                                    DATA USA,California,Oceanside
                                    DATA USA,California,Ojai
                                    DATA USA,California,Ontario
                                    DATA USA,California,Orange
                                    DATA USA,California,Orange Cove
                                    DATA USA,California,Orinda
                                    DATA USA,California,Orland
                                    DATA USA,California,Oroville
                                    DATA USA,California,Oxnard
                                    DATA USA,California,Pacific Grove
                                    DATA USA,California,Pacifica
                                    DATA USA,California,Palm Desert
                                    DATA USA,California,Palm Springs
                                    DATA USA,California,Palmdale
                                    DATA USA,California,Palo Alto
                                    DATA USA,California,Palos Verdes Estates
                                    DATA USA,California,Paradise
                                    DATA USA,California,Paramount
                                    DATA USA,California,Parlier
                                    DATA USA,California,Pasadena
                                    DATA USA,California,Patterson
                                    DATA USA,California,Perris
                                    DATA USA,California,Petaluma
                                    DATA USA,California,Pico Rivera
                                    DATA USA,California,Piedmont
                                    DATA USA,California,Pinole
                                    DATA USA,California,Pismo Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Pittsburg
                                    DATA USA,California,Placentia
                                    DATA USA,California,Placerville
                                    DATA USA,California,Pleasant Hill
                                    DATA USA,California,Pleasanton
                                    DATA USA,California,Pomona
                                    DATA USA,California,Port Hueneme
                                    DATA USA,California,Porterville
                                    DATA USA,California,Poway
                                    DATA USA,California,Rancho Cordova
                                    DATA USA,California,Rancho Cucamonga
                                    DATA USA,California,Rancho Mirage
                                    DATA USA,California,Rancho Palos Verdes
                                    DATA USA,California,Rancho Santa Margarita
                                    DATA USA,California,Red Bluff
                                    DATA USA,California,Redding
                                    DATA USA,California,Redlands
                                    DATA USA,California,Redondo Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Redwood City
                                    DATA USA,California,Reedley
                                    DATA USA,California,Rialto
                                    DATA USA,California,Richmond
                                    DATA USA,California,Ridgecrest
                                    DATA USA,California,Rio Vista
                                    DATA USA,California,Ripon
                                    DATA USA,California,Riverbank
                                    DATA USA,California,Riverside
                                    DATA USA,California,Rocklin
                                    DATA USA,California,Rohnert Park
                                    DATA USA,California,Rolling Hills Estates
                                    DATA USA,California,Rosemead
                                    DATA USA,California,Roseville
                                    DATA USA,California,Sacramento
                                    DATA USA,California,Saint Helena
                                    DATA USA,California,Salinas
                                    DATA USA,California,San Anselmo
                                    DATA USA,California,San Bernardino
                                    DATA USA,California,San Bruno
                                    DATA USA,California,San Carlos
                                    DATA USA,California,San Clemente
                                    DATA USA,California,San Diego
                                    DATA USA,California,San Dimas
                                    DATA USA,California,San Fernando
                                    DATA USA,California,San Francisco
                                    DATA USA,California,San Gabriel
                                    DATA USA,California,San Jacinto
                                    DATA USA,California,San Jose
                                    DATA USA,California,San Juan Capistrano
                                    DATA USA,California,San Leandro
                                    DATA USA,California,San Luis Obispo
                                    DATA USA,California,San Marcos
                                    DATA USA,California,San Marino
                                    DATA USA,California,San Mateo
                                    DATA USA,California,San Pablo
                                    DATA USA,California,San Rafael
                                    DATA USA,California,San Ramon
                                    DATA USA,California,Sanger
                                    DATA USA,California,Santa Ana
                                    DATA USA,California,Santa Barbara
                                    DATA USA,California,Santa Clara
                                    DATA USA,California,Santa Clarita
                                    DATA USA,California,Santa Cruz
                                    DATA USA,California,Santa Fe Springs
                                    DATA USA,California,Santa Maria
                                    DATA USA,California,Santa Monica
                                    DATA USA,California,Santa Paula
                                    DATA USA,California,Santa Rosa
                                    DATA USA,California,Santee
                                    DATA USA,California,Saratoga
                                    DATA USA,California,Sausalito
                                    DATA USA,California,Scotts Valley
                                    DATA USA,California,Seal Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Seaside
                                    DATA USA,California,Sebastopol
                                    DATA USA,California,Selma
                                    DATA USA,California,Shafter
                                    DATA USA,California,Shasta Lake
                                    DATA USA,California,Sierra Madre
                                    DATA USA,California,Signal Hill
                                    DATA USA,California,Simi Valley
                                    DATA USA,California,Solana Beach
                                    DATA USA,California,Soledad
                                    DATA USA,California,Solvang
                                    DATA USA,California,Sonoma
                                    DATA USA,California,Sonora
                                    DATA USA,California,South El Monte
                                    DATA USA,California,South Gate
                                    DATA USA,California,South Lake Tahoe
                                    DATA USA,California,South Pasadena
                                    DATA USA,California,South San Francisco
                                    DATA USA,California,Stanton
                                    DATA USA,California,Stockton
                                    DATA USA,California,Suisun
                                    DATA USA,California,Sunnyvale
                                    DATA USA,California,Susanville
                                    DATA USA,California,Taft
                                    DATA USA,California,Tehachapi
                                    DATA USA,California,Temecula
                                    DATA USA,California,Temple City
                                    DATA USA,California,Thousand Oaks
                                    DATA USA,California,Tiburon
                                    DATA USA,California,Torrance
                                    DATA USA,California,Tracy
                                    DATA USA,California,Truckee
                                    DATA USA,California,Tulare
                                    DATA USA,California,Turlock
                                    DATA USA,California,Tustin
                                    DATA USA,California,Twentynine Palms
                                    DATA USA,California,Ukiah
                                    DATA USA,California,Union City
                                    DATA USA,California,Upland
                                    DATA USA,California,Vacaville
                                    DATA USA,California,Vallejo
                                    DATA USA,California,Victorville
                                    DATA USA,California,Villa Park
                                    DATA USA,California,Visalia
                                    DATA USA,California,Vista
                                    DATA USA,California,Walnut
                                    DATA USA,California,Walnut Creek
                                    DATA USA,California,Wasco
                                    DATA USA,California,Waterford
                                    DATA USA,California,Watsonville
                                    DATA USA,California,West Covina
                                    DATA USA,California,West Hollywood
                                    DATA USA,California,West Sacramento
                                    DATA USA,California,Westminster
                                    DATA USA,California,Whittier
                                    DATA USA,California,Wildomar
                                    DATA USA,California,Williams
                                    DATA USA,California,Willits
                                    DATA USA,California,Willows
                                    DATA USA,California,Windsor
                                    DATA USA,California,Winters
                                    DATA USA,California,Woodlake
                                    DATA USA,California,Woodland
                                    DATA USA,California,Woodside
                                    DATA USA,California,Yorba Linda
                                    DATA USA,California,Yreka
                                    DATA USA,California,Yuba City
                                    DATA USA,California,Yucaipa
                                    DATA USA,California,Yucca Valley
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Alamosa
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Arvada
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Aspen
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Aurora
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Avon
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Basalt
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Berthoud
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Boulder
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Breckenridge
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Brighton
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Broomfield
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Brush
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Canon City
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Carbondale
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Castle Pines
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Castle Rock
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Centennial
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Cherry Hills Village
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Colorado Springs
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Commerce City
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Cortez
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Craig
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Dacono
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Delta
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Denver
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Durango
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Eagle
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Eaton
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Edgewater
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Englewood
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Erie
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Estes Park
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Evans
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Federal Heights
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Firestone
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Florence
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Fort Collins
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Fort Lupton
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Fort Morgan
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Fountain
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Frederick
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Fruita
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Glendale
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Glenwood Springs
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Golden
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Grand Junction
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Greeley
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Greenwood Village
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Gunnison
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Gypsum
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Johnstown
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,La Junta
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Lafayette
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Lakewood
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Lamar
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Leadville
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Littleton
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Lone Tree
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Longmont
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Louisville
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Loveland
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Manitou Springs
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Milliken
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Montrose
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Monument
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,New Castle
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Northglenn
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Pagosa Springs
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Parker
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Pueblo
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Rifle
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Salida
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Sheridan
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Silverthorne
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Steamboat Springs
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Sterling
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Superior
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Thornton
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Trinidad
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Vail
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Wellington
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Westminster
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Wheat Ridge
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Windsor
                                    DATA USA,Colorado,Woodland Park
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Ansonia
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Bridgeport
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Bristol
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,City of Milford (balance)
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Danbury
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Derby
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Groton
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Hartford
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Jewett City
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Meriden
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Middletown
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Naugatuck
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,New Britain
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,New Haven
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,New London
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Norwalk
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Norwich
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Shelton
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Stamford
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Torrington
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,Waterbury
                                    DATA USA,Connecticut,West Haven
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Dover
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Elsmere
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Georgetown
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Lewes
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Middletown
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Milford
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Millsboro
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,New Castle
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Newark
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Ocean View
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Seaford
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Smyrna
                                    DATA USA,Delaware,Wilmington
                                    DATA USA,District of Columbia,Washington
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Altamonte Springs
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Apopka
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Arcadia
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Atlantic Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Auburndale
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Aventura
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Avon Park
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Bartow
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Bay Harbor Islands
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Belle Glade
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Belle Isle
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Boca Raton
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Bonita Springs
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Boynton Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Bradenton
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Brooksville
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Callaway
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Cape Canaveral
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Cape Coral
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Casselberry
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Clearwater
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Clermont
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Clewiston
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Cocoa
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Cocoa Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Coconut Creek
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Cooper City
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Coral Gables
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Coral Springs
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Crestview
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Cutler Bay
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Dade City
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Dania Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Davie
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Daytona Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,De Funiak Springs
                                    DATA USA,Florida,DeBary
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Deerfield Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,DeLand
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Delray Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Deltona
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Destin
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Doral
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Dunedin
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Edgewater
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Estero
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Eustis
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Fellsmere
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Fernandina Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Florida City
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Fort Lauderdale
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Fort Meade
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Fort Myers
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Fort Myers Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Fort Pierce
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Fort Walton Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Frostproof
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Fruitland Park
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Gainesville
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Green Cove Springs
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Groveland
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Gulf Breeze
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Gulfport
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Haines City
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Hallandale Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Hialeah
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Hialeah Gardens
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Holly Hill
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Hollywood
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Homestead
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Indian Harbour Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Inverness
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Jacksonville
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Jacksonville Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Jupiter
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Kenneth City
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Key Biscayne
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Key West
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Keystone Heights
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Kissimmee
                                    DATA USA,Florida,LaBelle
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lady Lake
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lake Alfred
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lake City
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lake Mary
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lake Park
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lake Placid
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lake Wales
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lake Worth
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lakeland
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lantana
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Largo
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lauderdale Lakes
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lauderhill
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Leesburg
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lighthouse Point
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Live Oak
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Longboat Key
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Longwood
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Lynn Haven
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Macclenny
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Maitland
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Marathon
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Margate
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Marianna
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Mascotte
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Melbourne
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Miami
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Miami Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Miami Gardens
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Miami Lakes
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Miami Shores
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Miami Springs
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Milton
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Minneola
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Miramar
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Mount Dora
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Naples
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Neptune Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,New Port Richey
                                    DATA USA,Florida,New Smyrna Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Newberry
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Niceville
                                    DATA USA,Florida,North Bay Village
                                    DATA USA,Florida,North Lauderdale
                                    DATA USA,Florida,North Miami
                                    DATA USA,Florida,North Miami Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,North Palm Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,North Port
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Oakland Park
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Ocala
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Ocoee
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Okeechobee
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Oldsmar
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Opa-locka
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Orange City
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Orange Park
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Orlando
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Ormond Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Oviedo
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Pahokee
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Palatka
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Palm Bay
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Palm Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Palm Beach Gardens
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Palm Coast
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Palm Springs
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Palmetto
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Palmetto Bay
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Panama City
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Panama City Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Parkland
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Pembroke Park
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Pembroke Pines
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Pensacola
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Perry
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Pinecrest
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Pinellas Park
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Plant City
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Plantation
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Pompano Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Port Orange
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Port Saint Lucie
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Punta Gorda
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Quincy
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Riviera Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Rockledge
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Royal Palm Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Safety Harbor
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Saint Augustine
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Saint Augustine Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Saint Cloud
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Saint Pete Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Saint Petersburg
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Sanford
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Sanibel
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Sarasota
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Satellite Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Sebastian
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Sebring
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Seminole
                                    DATA USA,Florida,South Bay
                                    DATA USA,Florida,South Daytona
                                    DATA USA,Florida,South Miami
                                    DATA USA,Florida,South Pasadena
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Southwest Ranches
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Springfield
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Starke
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Stuart
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Sunny Isles Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Sunrise
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Surfside
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Sweetwater
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Tallahassee
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Tamarac
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Tampa
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Tarpon Springs
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Tavares
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Temple Terrace
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Tequesta
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Titusville
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Treasure Island
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Valparaiso
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Venice
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Vero Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Wauchula
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Wellington
                                    DATA USA,Florida,West Melbourne
                                    DATA USA,Florida,West Miami
                                    DATA USA,Florida,West Palm Beach
                                    DATA USA,Florida,West Park
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Weston
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Wildwood
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Wilton Manors
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Winter Garden
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Winter Haven
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Winter Park
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Winter Springs
                                    DATA USA,Florida,Zephyrhills
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Acworth
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Adel
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Albany
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Alpharetta
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Americus
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Athens
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Atlanta
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Auburn
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Augusta
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Austell
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Bainbridge
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Barnesville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Baxley
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Braselton
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Bremen
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Brookhaven
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Brunswick
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Buford
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Byron
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Cairo
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Calhoun
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Camilla
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Canton
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Carrollton
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Cartersville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Cedartown
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Centerville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Chamblee
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Clarkston
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Cochran
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,College Park
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Columbus
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Commerce
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Conyers
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Cordele
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Cornelia
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Covington
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Cumming
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Cusseta
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Dacula
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Dahlonega
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Dallas
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Dalton
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Decatur
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Doraville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Douglas
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Douglasville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Dublin
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Duluth
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Dunwoody
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,East Point
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Eastman
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Elberton
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Fairburn
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Fayetteville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Fitzgerald
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Flowery Branch
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Folkston
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Forest Park
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Forsyth
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Fort Oglethorpe
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Fort Valley
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Gainesville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Garden City
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Griffin
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Grovetown
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Hampton
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Hapeville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Hartwell
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Hinesville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Holly Springs
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Jackson
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Jasper
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Jefferson
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Jesup
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Johns Creek
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Kennesaw
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Kingsland
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,La Grange
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,LaFayette
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Lawrenceville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Lilburn
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Locust Grove
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Loganville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Lovejoy
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Marietta
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,McDonough
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Milledgeville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Milton
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Monroe
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Montezuma
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Morrow
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Moultrie
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Newnan
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Norcross
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Peachtree City
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Peachtree Corners
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Perry
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Pooler
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Port Wentworth
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Powder Springs
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Richmond Hill
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Rincon
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Riverdale
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Rockmart
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Rome
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Roswell
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Saint Marys
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Sandersville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Sandy Springs
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Savannah
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Smyrna
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Snellville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Springfield
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Statesboro
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Stockbridge
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Stone Mountain
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Sugar Hill
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Summerville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Suwanee
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Swainsboro
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Sylvester
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Thomaston
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Thomasville
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Thomson
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Tifton
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Toccoa
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Tyrone
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Union City
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Valdosta
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Vidalia
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Villa Rica
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Warner Robins
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Waycross
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Waynesboro
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Winder
                                    DATA USA,Georgia,Woodstock
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                                    DATA USA,Hawaii,Honolulu
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Ammon
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Blackfoot
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Boise
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Burley
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Caldwell
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Chubbuck
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Coeur d'Alene
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Eagle
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Emmett
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Fruitland
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Garden City
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Hailey
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Hayden
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                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Pocatello
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                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Rathdrum
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                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Twin Falls
                                    DATA USA,Idaho,Weiser
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Addison
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Algonquin
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Alsip
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Alton
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Anna
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Antioch
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Arlington Heights
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Aurora
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Barrington
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Bartlett
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Bartonville
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Beardstown
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Braidwood
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Breese
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Bridgeview
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Broadview
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Brookfield
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Buffalo Grove
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Burbank
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Burr Ridge
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Byron
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Cahokia
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Calumet City
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Campton Hills
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Canton
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Carbondale
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Carpentersville
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Centreville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Champaign
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Channahon
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Charleston
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Chatham
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Chester
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Chicago
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Chicago Ridge
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Chillicothe
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Cicero
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Clarendon Hills
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Coal City
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Colona
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Columbia
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Crest Hill
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Crestwood
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Crete
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Creve Coeur
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Crystal Lake
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Danville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Darien
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Decatur
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Deerfield
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,DeKalb
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Des Plaines
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Dixon
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Dolton
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Downers Grove
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Du Quoin
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Dwight
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,East Alton
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,East Moline
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,East Peoria
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,East Saint Louis
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Edwardsville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Effingham
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Elburn
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Elgin
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Elk Grove Village
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Elmhurst
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Elmwood Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Eureka
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Evanston
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Evergreen Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Fairview Heights
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Flossmoor
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Forest Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Fox Lake
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Frankfort
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Franklin Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Freeport
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Galesburg
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Geneseo
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Geneva
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Genoa
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Gilberts
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Gillespie
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Glen Carbon
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Glen Ellyn
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Glencoe
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Glendale Heights
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Glenview
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Glenwood
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Godfrey
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Granite City
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Grayslake
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Greenville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Gurnee
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Hampshire
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Hanover Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Harrisburg
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Harvard
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Harvey
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Harwood Heights
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Hawthorn Woods
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Hazel Crest
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Herrin
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Hickory Hills
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Highland
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Highland Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Highwood
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Hillsboro
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Hillside
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Hinsdale
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Hoffman Estates
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Homer Glen
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Homewood
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Huntley
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Inverness
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Island Lake
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Itasca
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Jacksonville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Jerseyville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Johnsburg
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Joliet
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Justice
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Kankakee
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Kewanee
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,La Grange
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,La Grange Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,La Salle
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lake Bluff
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lake Forest
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lake in the Hills
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lake Villa
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lake Zurich
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lakemoor
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lansing
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lawrenceville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lemont
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Libertyville
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lincolnshire
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lincolnwood
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lindenhurst
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lisle
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Litchfield
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lockport
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lombard
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Long Grove
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Loves Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lynwood
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Lyons
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Machesney Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Macomb
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Mahomet
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Manhattan
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Manteno
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Marengo
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Marion
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Markham
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Maryville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Mascoutah
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Matteson
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Mattoon
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Maywood
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,McHenry
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Melrose Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Mendota
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Midlothian
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Milan
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Minooka
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Mokena
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Moline
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Monee
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Monmouth
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Montgomery
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Monticello
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Morris
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Morton
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Morton Grove
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Mount Carmel
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Mount Prospect
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Mount Vernon
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Mount Zion
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Mundelein
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Murphysboro
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Naperville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,New Lenox
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Niles
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Normal
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Norridge
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,North Aurora
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,North Chicago
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,North Riverside
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Northbrook
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Northfield
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Northlake
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Oak Brook
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Oak Forest
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Oak Lawn
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Oak Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,O'Fallon
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Olney
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Orland Hills
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Orland Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Oswego
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Ottawa
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Palatine
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Palos Heights
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Palos Hills
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Pana
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Paris
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Park City
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Park Forest
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Park Ridge
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Pekin
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Peoria
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Peoria Heights
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Peru
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Pinckneyville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Pingree Grove
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Plainfield
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Plano
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Pontiac
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                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Poplar Grove
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Posen
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Princeton
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Prospect Heights
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Quincy
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Rantoul
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Richton Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,River Forest
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,River Grove
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Riverdale
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Riverside
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Robbins
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Robinson
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Rochelle
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Rock Falls
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Rock Island
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Rockford
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Rockton
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Rolling Meadows
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Romeoville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Roscoe
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Roselle
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Round Lake
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Round Lake Beach
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Round Lake Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Saint Charles
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Saint Joseph
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Salem
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Sandwich
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Sauk Village
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Savoy
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Schaumburg
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Schiller Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Shiloh
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Shorewood
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Silvis
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Skokie
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,South Beloit
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,South Elgin
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,South Holland
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Spring Grove
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Spring Valley
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Springfield
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Staunton
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Steger
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Sterling
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Stickney
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Streamwood
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Streator
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Sugar Grove
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Summit
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Swansea
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Sycamore
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Taylorville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Tinley Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Troy
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,University Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Urbana
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Vandalia
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Vernon Hills
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Villa Park
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Warrenville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Washington
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Waterloo
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Wauconda
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Waukegan
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,West Chicago
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,West Dundee
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,West Frankfort
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Westchester
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Western Springs
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Westmont
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Wheaton
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Wheeling
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Willow Springs
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Willowbrook
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Wilmette
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Wilmington
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Winfield
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Winnetka
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Winthrop Harbor
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Wood Dale
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Wood River
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Woodridge
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Woodstock
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Worth
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Yorkville
                                    DATA USA,Illinois,Zion
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Alexandria
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Anderson
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Angola
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Auburn
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Avon
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Bargersville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Batesville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Bedford
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Beech Grove
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Berne
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Bloomington
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Bluffton
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Boonville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Brazil
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Brownsburg
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Carmel
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Cedar Lake
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Charlestown
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Chesterton
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Clarksville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Clinton
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Columbia City
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Columbus
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Connersville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Corydon
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Crawfordsville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Crown Point
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Cumberland
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Danville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Decatur
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Dyer
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,East Chicago
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Elkhart
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Ellettsville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Elwood
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Evansville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Fishers
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Fort Wayne
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Frankfort
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Franklin
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Garrett
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Gary
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Gas City
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Goshen
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Greencastle
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Greenfield
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Greensburg
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Greenwood
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Griffith
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Hammond
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Hartford City
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Highland
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Hobart
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Huntertown
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Huntingburg
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Huntington
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Indianapolis
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Jasper
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Jeffersonville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Kendallville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Kokomo
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Lafayette
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Lake Station
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,LaPorte
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Lawrence
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Lawrenceburg
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Lebanon
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Linton
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Logansport
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Lowell
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Madison
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Marion
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Martinsville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,McCordsville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Merrillville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Michigan City
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Mishawaka
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Monticello
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Mooresville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Mount Vernon
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Muncie
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Munster
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Nappanee
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,New Albany
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,New Castle
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,New Haven
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,New Whiteland
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Noblesville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,North Manchester
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,North Vernon
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Peru
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Plainfield
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Plymouth
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Portage
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Portland
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Princeton
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Rensselaer
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Richmond
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Rochester
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Rushville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Saint John
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Salem
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Schererville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Scottsburg
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Sellersburg
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Seymour
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Shelbyville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,South Bend
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Speedway
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Syracuse
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Tell City
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Terre Haute
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Tipton
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Union City
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Valparaiso
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Vincennes
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Wabash
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Warsaw
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Washington
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,West Lafayette
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Westfield
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Westville
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Whitestown
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Winfield
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Winona Lake
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Yorktown
                                    DATA USA,Indiana,Zionsville
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Algona
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Altoona
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Ames
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Anamosa
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Ankeny
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Asbury
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Atlantic
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Bettendorf
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Bondurant
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Boone
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Burlington
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Carroll
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Cedar Falls
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Cedar Rapids
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Centerville
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Charles City
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Clarinda
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Clear Lake
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Clinton
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Clive
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Coralville
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Council Bluffs
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Creston
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Davenport
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Decorah
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Denison
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Des Moines
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Dubuque
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Eldridge
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Estherville
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Fairfield
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Fort Dodge
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Fort Madison
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Glenwood
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Grimes
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Grinnell
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Hiawatha
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Humboldt
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Independence
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Indianola
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Iowa City
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Johnston
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Keokuk
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Knoxville
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Le Mars
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Maquoketa
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Marion
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Marshalltown
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Mason City
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Mount Pleasant
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Mount Vernon
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Muscatine
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Nevada
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Newton
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,North Liberty
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Norwalk
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Oelwein
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Orange City
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Oskaloosa
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Ottumwa
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Pella
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Perry
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Pleasant Hill
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Red Oak
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Shenandoah
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Sioux Center
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Sioux City
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Spencer
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Spirit Lake
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Storm Lake
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Urbandale
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Washington
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Waterloo
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Waukee
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Waverly
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Webster City
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,West Des Moines
                                    DATA USA,Iowa,Winterset
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Abilene
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Andover
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Arkansas City
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Atchison
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Augusta
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Bonner Springs
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Chanute
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Coffeyville
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Colby
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Concordia
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Derby
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Dodge City
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,El Dorado
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Emporia
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Eudora
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Fort Scott
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Garden City
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Gardner
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Great Bend
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Hays
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Haysville
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Hutchinson
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Independence
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Iola
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Junction City
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Kansas City
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Lansing
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Lawrence
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Leavenworth
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Leawood
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Lenexa
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Liberal
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Manhattan
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,McPherson
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Merriam
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Mission
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Mulvane
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Newton
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Olathe
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Ottawa
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Overland Park
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Paola
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Park City
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Parsons
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Pittsburg
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Prairie Village
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Pratt
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Roeland Park
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Salina
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Shawnee
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Spring Hill
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Tonganoxie
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Topeka
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Ulysses
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Valley Center
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Wellington
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Wichita
                                    DATA USA,Kansas,Winfield
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Alexandria
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Ashland
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Barbourville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Bardstown
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Beaver Dam
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Bellevue
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Berea
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Bowling Green
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Campbellsville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Carrollton
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Central City
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Cold Spring
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Columbia
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Corbin
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Covington
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Cynthiana
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Danville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Dayton
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Douglass Hills
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Edgewood
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Elizabethtown
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Elsmere
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Erlanger
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Flatwoods
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Florence
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Fort Mitchell
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Fort Thomas
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Fort Wright
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Frankfort
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Franklin
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Georgetown
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Glasgow
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Grayson
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Harlan
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Harrodsburg
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Hazard
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Henderson
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Highland Heights
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Hillview
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Hopkinsville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Independence
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Jeffersontown
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,La Grange
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Lawrenceburg
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Lebanon
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Leitchfield
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Lexington
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,London
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Louisville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Lyndon
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Madisonville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Manchester
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Mayfield
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Maysville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Middletown
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Monticello
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Morehead
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Morganfield
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Mount Sterling
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Mount Washington
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Murray
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Newport
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Nicholasville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Oak Grove
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Owensboro
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Paducah
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Paintsville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Paris
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Pikeville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Prestonsburg
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Princeton
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Radcliff
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Richmond
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Russellville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Saint Matthews
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Shelbyville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Shepherdsville
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Shively
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Somerset
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Taylor Mill
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Union
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Versailles
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Villa Hills
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Vine Grove
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Williamsburg
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Wilmore
                                    DATA USA,Kentucky,Winchester
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Abbeville
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Alexandria
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Baker
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Bastrop
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Baton Rouge
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Benton
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Bogalusa
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Bossier City
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Breaux Bridge
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Broussard
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Carencro
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Central
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Covington
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Crowley
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Denham Springs
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,DeRidder
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Donaldsonville
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Eunice
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Ferriday
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Franklin
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Gonzales
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Grambling
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Gramercy
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Gretna
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Hammond
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Harahan
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Houma
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Jeanerette
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Jennings
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Jonesboro
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Kenner
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Lafayette
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Lake Charles
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Leesville
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Mandeville
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Mansfield
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Marksville
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Minden
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Monroe
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Morgan City
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Natchitoches
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,New Iberia
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,New Orleans
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,New Roads
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Oakdale
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Opelousas
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Patterson
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Pineville
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Plaquemine
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Ponchatoula
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Port Allen
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Rayne
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Ruston
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Saint Gabriel
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Saint Martinville
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Scott
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Shreveport
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Slidell
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Springhill
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Sulphur
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Tallulah
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Thibodaux
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Ville Platte
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Walker
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,West Monroe
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Westwego
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Winnsboro
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Youngsville
                                    DATA USA,Louisiana,Zachary
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Auburn
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Augusta
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Bangor
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Bath
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Biddeford
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Brewer
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Caribou
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Ellsworth
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Gardiner
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Lewiston
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Old Town
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Portland
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Presque Isle
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Rockland
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Saco
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Sanford
                                    DATA USA,Maine,South Portland
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Waterville
                                    DATA USA,Maine,Westbrook
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Aberdeen
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Annapolis
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Baltimore
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Bel Air
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Bladensburg
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Bowie
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Brunswick
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Cambridge
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Chesapeake Beach
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Chestertown
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Cheverly
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,College Park
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Cumberland
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,District Heights
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Easton
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Elkton
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Emmitsburg
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Frederick
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Frostburg
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Fruitland
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Gaithersburg
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Glenarden
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Greenbelt
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Hagerstown
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Hampstead
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Havre de Grace
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Hyattsville
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,La Plata
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Laurel
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Leonardtown
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Manchester
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Mount Airy
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Mount Rainier
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,New Carrollton
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Ocean City
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Princess Anne
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Riverdale Park
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Rockville
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Salisbury
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Takoma Park
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Taneytown
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Thurmont
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Walkersville
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Westernport
                                    DATA USA,Maryland,Westminster
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Attleboro
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Beverly
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Boston
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Brockton
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Cambridge
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Chelsea
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Chicopee
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Everett
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Fall River
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Fitchburg
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Gardner
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Gloucester
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Haverhill
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Holyoke
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Lawrence
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Leominster
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Lowell
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Lynn
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Malden
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Marlborough
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Medford
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Melrose
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Methuen
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,New Bedford
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Newburyport
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Newton
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,North Adams
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Northampton
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Peabody
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Pittsfield
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Quincy
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Revere
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Salem
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Somerville
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Springfield
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Taunton
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Waltham
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Watertown
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Westfield
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Woburn
                                    DATA USA,Massachusetts,Worcester
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Adrian
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Albion
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Allegan
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Allen Park
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Alma
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Alpena
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Ann Arbor
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Auburn Hills
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Battle Creek
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Bay City
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Belding
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Benton Harbor
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Berkley
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Berrien Springs
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Beverly Hills
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Big Rapids
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Birmingham
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Brighton
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Burton
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Cadillac
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Center Line
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Charlotte
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Chelsea
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Clare
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Clawson
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Coldwater
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Dearborn
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Dearborn Heights
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Detroit
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Dowagiac
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,East Grand Rapids
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,East Lansing
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Eastpointe
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Eaton Rapids
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Ecorse
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Escanaba
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Farmington
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Farmington Hills
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Fenton
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Ferndale
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Flat Rock
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Flint
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Flushing
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Frankenmuth
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Fraser
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Garden City
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Gaylord
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Goodrich
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Grand Blanc
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Grand Haven
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Grand Ledge
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Grand Rapids
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Grandville
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Greenville
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Grosse Pointe
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Grosse Pointe Farms
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Grosse Pointe Park
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Grosse Pointe Woods
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Hamtramck
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Harper Woods
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Hastings
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Hazel Park
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Highland Park
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Hillsdale
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Holland
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Holly
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Houghton
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Howell
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Hudsonville
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Huntington Woods
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Inkster
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Ionia
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Iron Mountain
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Ironwood
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Ishpeming
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Jackson
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Kalamazoo
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Kentwood
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Kingsford
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Lansing
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Lapeer
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Laurium
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Lincoln Park
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Livonia
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Lowell
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Ludington
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Madison Heights
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Manistee
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Marquette
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Marshall
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Marysville
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Mason
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Melvindale
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Menominee
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Midland
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Milan
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Milford
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Monroe
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Mount Clemens
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Mount Pleasant
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Muskegon
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Muskegon Heights
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,New Baltimore
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Niles
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Northville
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Norton Shores
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Novi
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Oak Park
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Otsego
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Owosso
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Paw Paw
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Petoskey
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Plymouth
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Pontiac
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Port Huron
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Portage
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Portland
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Richmond
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,River Rouge
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Riverview
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Rochester
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Rochester Hills
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Rockford
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Romulus
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Roseville
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Royal Oak
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Saginaw
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Saint Clair
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Saint Clair Shores
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Saint Johns
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Saint Joseph
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Saint Louis
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Saline
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Sault Sainte Marie
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,South Haven
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,South Lyon
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Southfield
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Southgate
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Springfield
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Sterling Heights
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Sturgis
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Swartz Creek
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Taylor
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Tecumseh
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Three Rivers
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Traverse City
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Trenton
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Troy
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Walker
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Walled Lake
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Warren
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Wayne
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Westland
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Whitehall
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Williamston
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Wixom
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Woodhaven
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Wyandotte
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Wyoming
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Ypsilanti
                                    DATA USA,Michigan,Zeeland
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Albert Lea
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Albertville
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Alexandria
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Andover
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Anoka
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Apple Valley
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Arden Hills
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Austin
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Baxter
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Belle Plaine
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Bemidji
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Big Lake
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Blaine
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Bloomington
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Brainerd
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Brooklyn Center
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Brooklyn Park
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Buffalo
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Burnsville
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Byron
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Cambridge
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Champlin
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Chanhassen
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Chaska
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Chisago City
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Cloquet
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Columbia Heights
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Coon Rapids
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Corcoran
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Cottage Grove
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Crookston
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Crystal
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Dayton
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Delano
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Detroit Lakes
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Duluth
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Eagan
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,East Bethel
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,East Grand Forks
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Eden Prairie
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Edina
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Elk River
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Fairmont
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Falcon Heights
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Faribault
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Farmington
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Fergus Falls
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Forest Lake
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Fridley
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Glencoe
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Golden Valley
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Grand Rapids
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Ham Lake
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Hastings
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Hermantown
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Hibbing
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Hopkins
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Hugo
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Hutchinson
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,International Falls
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Inver Grove Heights
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Isanti
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Jordan
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Kasson
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Lake City
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Lake Elmo
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Lakeville
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Lindstrom
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Lino Lakes
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Litchfield
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Little Canada
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Little Falls
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Mahtomedi
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Mankato
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Maple Grove
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Maplewood
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Marshall
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Medina
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Mendota Heights
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Minneapolis
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Minnetonka
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Minnetrista
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Montevideo
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Monticello
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Moorhead
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Morris
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Mound
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Mounds View
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,New Brighton
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,New Hope
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,New Prague
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,New Ulm
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,North Branch
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,North Mankato
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,North Oaks
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,North Saint Paul
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Northfield
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Oak Grove
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Oakdale
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Orono
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Otsego
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Owatonna
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Plymouth
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Prior Lake
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Ramsey
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Red Wing
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Richfield
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Robbinsdale
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Rochester
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Rogers
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Rosemount
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Roseville
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Saint Anthony
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Saint Cloud
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Saint Francis
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Saint Joseph
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Saint Louis Park
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Saint Michael
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Saint Paul
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Saint Paul Park
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Saint Peter
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Sartell
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Sauk Rapids
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Savage
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Shakopee
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Shoreview
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Shorewood
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,South Saint Paul
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Spring Lake Park
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Stewartville
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Stillwater
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Thief River Falls
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Vadnais Heights
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Victoria
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Virginia
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Waconia
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Waite Park
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Waseca
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,West Saint Paul
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,White Bear Lake
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Willmar
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Winona
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Woodbury
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Worthington
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Wyoming
                                    DATA USA,Minnesota,Zimmerman
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Amory
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Batesville
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Bay Saint Louis
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Biloxi
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Booneville
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Brandon
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Brookhaven
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Byram
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Canton
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Clarksdale
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Cleveland
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Clinton
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Columbia
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Columbus
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Corinth
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Crystal Springs
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Diamondhead
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,D'Iberville
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Flowood
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Gautier
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Greenville
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Greenwood
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Grenada
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Gulfport
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Hattiesburg
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Hernando
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Holly Springs
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Horn Lake
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Indianola
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Jackson
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Kosciusko
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Laurel
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Long Beach
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Madison
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,McComb
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Meridian
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Moss Point
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Natchez
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,New Albany
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Ocean Springs
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Olive Branch
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Oxford
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Pascagoula
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Pass Christian
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Pearl
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Petal
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Philadelphia
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Picayune
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Pontotoc
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Richland
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Ridgeland
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Senatobia
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Southaven
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Starkville
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Tupelo
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Vicksburg
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Waveland
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,West Point
                                    DATA USA,Mississippi,Yazoo City
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Arnold
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Aurora
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Ballwin
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Battlefield
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Bellefontaine Neighbors
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Belton
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Berkeley
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Black Jack
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Blue Springs
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Bolivar
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Bonne Terre
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Boonville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Bowling Green
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Branson
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Brentwood
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Bridgeton
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Cameron
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Cape Girardeau
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Carl Junction
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Carthage
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Caruthersville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Charleston
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Chesterfield
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Chillicothe
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Clayton
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Clinton
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Columbia
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Cottleville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Crestwood
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Creve Coeur
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Dardenne Prairie
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,De Soto
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Dellwood
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Des Peres
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Dexter
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Ellisville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Eureka
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Excelsior Springs
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Farmington
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Ferguson
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Festus
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Florissant
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Forsyth
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Fulton
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Gladstone
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Glendale
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Grain Valley
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Grandview
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Greenwood
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Hannibal
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Harrisonville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Hazelwood
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Independence
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Jackson
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Jefferson City
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Jennings
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Joplin
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Kansas City
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Kearney
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Kennett
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Kirksville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Kirkwood
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Ladue
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Lake Saint Louis
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Lebanon
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Lees Summit
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Liberty
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Manchester
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Maplewood
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Marshall
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Marshfield
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Maryland Heights
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Maryville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Mexico
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Moberly
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Monett
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Neosho
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Nevada
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Nixa
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Oak Grove
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Odessa
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,O'Fallon
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Olivette
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Overland
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Ozark
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Pacific
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Park Hills
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Parkville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Perryville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Pevely
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Platte City
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Pleasant Hill
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Poplar Bluff
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Raymore
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Raytown
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Republic
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Richmond
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Richmond Heights
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Rolla
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Saint Ann
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Saint Charles
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Saint Clair
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Saint Joseph
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Saint Louis
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Saint Peters
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Saint Robert
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Savannah
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Scott City
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Sedalia
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Shrewsbury
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Sikeston
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Smithville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Springfield
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Sullivan
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Sunset Hills
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Town and Country
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Trenton
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Troy
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Union
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,University City
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Valley Park
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Warrensburg
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Warrenton
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Washington
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Waynesville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Webb City
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Webster Groves
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Weldon Spring
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Wentzville
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,West Plains
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Wildwood
                                    DATA USA,Missouri,Willard
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Belgrade
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Billings
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Bozeman
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Butte
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Columbia Falls
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Glendive
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Great Falls
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Hamilton
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Havre
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Helena
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Kalispell
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Laurel
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Lewistown
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Livingston
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Miles City
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Missoula
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Polson
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Sidney
                                    DATA USA,Montana,Whitefish
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Alliance
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Beatrice
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Bellevue
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Blair
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Chadron
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Columbus
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Crete
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Fremont
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Gering
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Grand Island
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Gretna
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Hastings
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Holdrege
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Kearney
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,La Vista
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Lexington
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Lincoln
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,McCook
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Nebraska City
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Norfolk
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,North Platte
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Omaha
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Papillion
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Plattsmouth
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Ralston
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Schuyler
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Scottsbluff
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Seward
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Sidney
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,South Sioux City
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,Wayne
                                    DATA USA,Nebraska,York
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Boulder City
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Carson City
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Elko
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Fallon
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Fernley
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Henderson
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Las Vegas
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Mesquite
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,North Las Vegas
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Reno
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Sparks
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,West Wendover
                                    DATA USA,Nevada,Winnemucca
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Berlin
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Claremont
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Concord
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Dover
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Franklin
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Keene
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Laconia
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Lebanon
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Manchester
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Nashua
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Portsmouth
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Rochester
                                    DATA USA,New Hampshire,Somersworth
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Absecon
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Allendale
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Asbury Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Atlantic City
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Audubon
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Barrington
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Bayonne
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Beachwood
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Bellmawr
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Belmar
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Bergenfield
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Berlin
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Bernardsville
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Bloomingdale
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Bogota
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Boonton
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Bound Brook
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Bridgeton
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Brigantine
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Burlington
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Butler
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Caldwell
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Camden
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Carlstadt
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Carteret
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Chatham
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Clayton
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Cliffside Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Clifton
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Closter
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Collingswood
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Cresskill
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Dover
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Dumont
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Dunellen
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,East Orange
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,East Rutherford
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Eatontown
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Edgewater
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Elizabeth
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Elmwood Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Emerson
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Englewood
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Englewood Cliffs
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Fair Haven
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Fair Lawn
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Fairview
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Fanwood
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Florham Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Fort Lee
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Franklin
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Franklin Lakes
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Freehold
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Garfield
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Glassboro
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Glen Ridge
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Glen Rock
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Gloucester City
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Guttenberg
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Hackensack
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Hackettstown
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Haddon Heights
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Haddonfield
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Haledon
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Hammonton
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Harrison
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Hasbrouck Heights
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Hawthorne
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Highland Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Hightstown
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Hillsdale
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Hoboken
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Hopatcong
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Jamesburg
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Jersey City
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Keansburg
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Kearny
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Kenilworth
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Keyport
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Kinnelon
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Leonia
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Lincoln Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Linden
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Lindenwold
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Linwood
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Little Ferry
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Little Silver
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Lodi
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Long Branch
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Madison
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Manasquan
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Manville
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Margate City
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Matawan
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Maywood
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Metuchen
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Middlesex
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Midland Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Milltown
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Millville
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Montvale
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Morris Plains
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Morristown
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Mount Arlington
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Mountainside
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,New Brunswick
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,New Milford
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,New Providence
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Newark
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Newton
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,North Arlington
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,North Caldwell
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,North Haledon
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,North Plainfield
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Northfield
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Norwood
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Oakland
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Ocean City
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Oceanport
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Old Tappan
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Oradell
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Palisades Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Palmyra
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Paramus
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Park Ridge
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Passaic
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Paterson
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Paulsboro
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Perth Amboy
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Phillipsburg
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Pine Hill
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Pitman
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Plainfield
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Pleasantville
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Point Pleasant
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Pompton Lakes
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Princeton
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Prospect Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Rahway
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Ramsey
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Raritan
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Red Bank
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Ridgefield
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Ridgefield Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Ridgewood
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Ringwood
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,River Edge
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Rockaway
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Roseland
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Roselle
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Roselle Park
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Rumson
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Runnemede
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Rutherford
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Salem
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Sayreville
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Secaucus
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Somerdale
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Somers Point
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Somerville
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,South Amboy
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,South Plainfield
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,South River
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Spotswood
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Stratford
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Summit
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Tenafly
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Tinton Falls
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Totowa
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Trenton
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Union Beach
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Union City
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Upper Saddle River
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Ventnor City
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Vineland
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Waldwick
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Wallington
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Wanaque
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Washington
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Watchung
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,West Long Branch
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,West New York
                                    DATA USA,New Jersey,Westfield
                                    END FUNCTION


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                                      All your suggestions and work is appreciated but Michael answered my question in his 2nd sentence. ASCIIZ PTR instead of STRING PTR. My 2nd post with the NameRec was just for demonstration purpose and not an actual piece of code. I didn't mean to derail you guys looking for a solution to a problem I wasn't looking for. Thanks again.


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                                        What I was ultimately messing around with was being able to read in one, many or all random records from a file into one buffer and then being able to access them one field at a time. Either to use them in bulk processing of the entire file or read a screen worth for display instead of reading one record at a ti
                                        Well, why didn't you say so? You could use this Demo here..

                                        Mapped Files instead of RANDOM disk file access 5-8-04

                                        I believe you will find that does exactly that for which you ask!


                                        If your records are NOT fixed size, you cannot access them randomly (at least not in one step).. but you CAN read them all into memory and access them one record at a time .. see "LINE INPUT hFile, arrayname()" in the help file.

                                        Michael Mattias
                                        Tal Systems (retired)
                                        Port Washington WI USA
                                        [email protected]