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    Outlook displays numbers of unread (or unsent) records against each one of its folders. [Note that is the default, there are other options]

    Can I access those numbers from my (latest) PBCC under Windows 10?

    I have three email addresses in Outlook.

    I would want to display 'dynamically' if possible ie display latest numbers, sleep for a bit, then display changed numbers etc Alternatively, run a 'look' program, exit and then run it again after a small time.

    What I really want to see is the Outbox number. My Outlook seems to get overwhelmed and if I can see the Outbox, I can make sure I am not getting too far ahead of it.


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    Maybe. You need to use COM. I suggest you take this to the Programming MS Office forum:

    A search through there will turn up a few previous Outlook threads.
    Pay particular attention to this thread for a start: