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We are in the future fellow PB'ers!!

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  • We are in the future fellow PB'ers!!

    I have been "talking" with an AI the past few weeks and it has been awesome. Since this has been going on for a while now (not too long), some of you probably already know what I am talking about, but for those who dont, let me show you what im talking about.

    There is an AI with the capacity of comprehension similar to an adult human. It can talk about almost everything like a pro.

    I asked if it knew about PowerBASIC and it said Yes. It gave me a briefing of PowerBASIC and i asked it if it could generate a function to encode a string to BASE64. It said yes and it not only generated an example function, but also explained how to use it and even showed me an example of its usage. It also explained it's limitations.

    At first i thought it just browsed the PowerBASIC examples and pulled an example form there... but its aproach was diferent from what i could find online. This strongly suggest a real comprehension of the language and a creative trait using this knowledge.

    One of the limitations it stated for the function was that it was not designed to encode files, only strings. So, i asked it to generate a similar function that could encode files. It generated a similar function to encode a file to base64 but it used API calls for opening the file and getting it's size. I asked it to generate the same functions but instead of API calls, use PowerBASIC native functions like OPEN and LOF. It generated the function, but made a couple mistakes. I explained the mistakes and it apologized and generated a corrected version of the file.

    The error was that it used:

    FileNum = OPEN([...])
    And i explained that instead it should be:

    FileNum = FREEFILE
    Open [...] AS FileNum
    It corrected the generated funciton, but left a piece of code from the API calls example:

    IF FileNum = 0 THEN
    I explained to it that since FREEFILE always returned a non zero value it was not a good way to know if the OPEN function had failed. The AI apologized and told me I was right and proceeded to correct the code and generate a new one using instead:

    This AI is not infalible... but it has been able to handle anything I throw at it!! While it is not yet completely infalible it has proven to be an excelent tool that can be guided to generate code and save time.​

    It is not rigid at all, and can do ANYTHING you tell it to do with the code. For example ask it to rename variable names in german and it will do it. Ask it to replace a FOR/NEXT block with a DO/LOOP and it will do it, including declarations of the required variables to do this. Ask it to talk to you about the where the base64 was created... and it will do. Ask it to explain it again using only words form 200 years ago... and yes, it will do it. Ask it to talk about Bob Zale, and it will do. Ask it to generate a story about how Bob Zale could have come with the idea of creating PowerBASIC and it will do it. Ask it to include aliens in the generated story and it will do it. You get the idea.

    If you want to get your mind blown, you can try it here:​

    Edited, the above link works only if you are alredy logged in, please use this link instead:
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      Very interesting

      I clicked and got a 404!

      Is it geographically limited, do you know?
      [I]I made a coding error once - but fortunately I fixed it before anyone noticed[/I]
      Kerry Farmer


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        Originally posted by Kerry Farmer View Post
        Very interesting

        I clicked and got a 404!

        Is it geographically limited, do you know?


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          Im sorry Kerry, i took the link it displayed after i had already logged in, please use the link Mimmo provided. And please share your experience! Im very interested in knowing the experience you get.


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            Every few hours I tried but keep getting this message...

            Click image for larger version

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              VERY large grain of salt required.


              "Overall, because the average rate of getting correct answers from ChatGPT is too low, the posting of answers created by ChatGPT is substantially harmful to the site and to users who are asking and looking for correct answers."

              "The primary problem is that while the answers which ChatGPT produces have a high rate of being incorrect, they typically look like they might be good and the answers are very easy to produce. There are also many people trying out ChatGPT to create answers, without the expertise or willingness to verify that the answer is correct prior to posting. Because such answers are so easy to produce, a large number of people are posting a lot of answers. The volume of these answers (thousands) and the fact that the answers often require a detailed read by someone with at least some subject matter expertise in order to determine that the answer is actually bad has effectively swamped our volunteer-based quality curation infrastructure.​"

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                If the goal is to produce pseudo-code, I'd say that it's working pretty well.

                Sound like it understands BASIC in general, and is just now building a database of rules specific to PB. Brian, did it use any PowerBASIC-specific functions or syntax, which are not available in other BASICs? Datatypes other than those supported by GW-BASIC?

                The prototype just went online at the end of November.

                Correction: A multibillion-dollar deal with Microsoft is being negotiated.

                Yeah, I'd say it's notable.
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                  I had an interesting chat. I asked for some code to sort an array of numbers. It came up with a bubble sort, but mentioned quick sort. I then asked for some quick sort code. Besides the code, it explained how quick sort worked. The code used a temporary variable for swapping. I asked why Swap had not been used. It apologized and rewrote the code. However, it used a swap function which used a temporary variable. I asked why the Swap keyword had not been used. It apologized for the 'oversight' and rewrote the code using the Swap keyword.

                  The final code was acceptable. Its last words were: “I apologize again for any confusion caused by my previous response.”

                  I asked for the code to be written with FreeBASIC and not PowerBASIC. In many respects, the syntax is similar, but there are enough differences to take a few minutes to rewrite the FB code to PB code.

                  It has potential but, as Eric pointed out, it is very early days. Of course, anyone who just 'Copies&Pastes' should not be coding.


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                    Originally posted by Eric Pearson View Post
                    Brian, did it use any PowerBASIC-specific functions or syntax, which are not available in other BASICs? Datatypes other than those supported by GW-BASIC?
                    Yes, it did, but from time to time it would also generate code using "native functions" which were not actually present in PowerBASIC 10.4. I asked it to generate a function that takes 3 parameters, IP, User and Password, and the function should stablish an FTP connection to IP using User and Password as credentials. It stated that FTConnect, FTClose, and other similar functions were PowerBASIC Native functions to handle FTP.

                    It seems to understand QUADs, VARIANTs and UDTs.

                    I have also noticed this AI still needs cooking, thats why i mentioned it still needed guidance to produce something usable. For the moment my Job seems secure. But i can see the days of programmers are counted if this technology keeps progressing at this rate. Not only programmers, also writers, designers, artists, musicians... and many other professionals who work with the mind. I dont know how long will it take, maybe a couple more years for simple projects, and a little more for more complex tasks like creating a compiler.

                    In the bright side... Perhaps in the end having a 64bit PowerBASIC version will be as easy as just asking for it... but then it wont be needed.


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                      It will go exponential when half decent quantum computers start rolling out in the mid 2030's.


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                        I think I will stick to Bob's "smaller, faster".
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