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Best tool/method for creating a custom monospaced font?

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    Best tool/method for creating a custom monospaced font?

    For a program I'm writing in FireFly/PBWin, I'm using a TextBox, and I can set the FONT property to any installed font.

    So I need to install a completely custom font. (Yes, I have Googled Venus, Earth, and Mars, and have not found the needed characters in any font known to humans...yet.)

    As an example, remember the Matrix screensaver?

    Along those lines, I need to make up a custom font, whether that be through an existing (competent) tool, or by bit-building the darn thing by hand.
    (Don't ask why, just take it at face value... yes, it's silly and involves the surprising the grandchildren.)

    What font-creation tool/method have you used to successfully create a monospaced font?


    Hey! Good news!
    I got into this
    and it was just what I needed!

    The others I had installed and tried all wanted me to draw the characters on a touchpad, or were high-end programs like Adobe Illustrator...

    So this seems like a done deal.

    Off to have some fun with it.