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  • Alternative to Beyond Compare

    I'm an enormous fan of Beyond Compare - have used it for over a decade. I plan to keep on using it.

    But, I want to recommend a free alternative to some mostly nontechnical friends and family. WinMerge and Exam Diff Pro come up a lot in my searches, but there also several others. I've not used any of them.

    Can someone recommend something suitable for my lower tech friends and family?

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    WinMerge is pretty good and you can't beat the price

    It's simple to use, does a good job of "diff"ing a current source code file with a selected backup and it's dead easy to merge the backup diff lines into the current file.

    I haven't used it for directoy comparing and merging, but based on what it does with files, I would expect it to be just as easy to use.


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      Howdy, Stuart!

      Thanks for the reply. WinMerge does seem to be at the top of the free lists - I will give it a try. It's the folder to folder comparison that I am most interested in.


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        Hi Gary,

        Maybe you could use the robocopy command, it has a long list of options so you could tailor it to your needs.

        It has been around for some time and is very flexible.
        Reference article for the robocopy command, which copies file data from one location to another.

        Look at Logging options almost at the bottom of the page.

        Here is a example from Youtube that compare folders.
        If you need to compare files or folders, you’ll find there is no shortage of apps that can help you do the job. If you need to compare folder content from th...