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    The items listed here are particularly useful/specific to SDK/API programming:

    SDK for Windows 8.1
    SDK for Windows 7

    SDK Programming by Patrice Terrier
    Windows API Tutorial by Fred Harris

    Programming Windows, 5th Edition by Charles Petzold
    Examples from the book, translated to PBWin10 by Jose Roca

    Third Party SDK Tools:
    FireFly Visual Designer by Paul Squires
    Phoenix Visual Designer by Dominic Mitchell

    Web Sites:
    Jose Roca Software (forums) by Jose Roca

    Dialog Box Programming Considerations
    MSDN Control Library
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    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems Inc. (retired)
    Racine WI USA
    [email protected]


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      I added this link to the earlier references thread:

      SDK for Windows 8.1

      Does anyone know if there are earlier SDK versions available for download?

      And if so, which one do I want? Do we need any of the earlier versions? Are there any PowerBASIC-specific advantages to any particular version of the API? Should I have multiple copies of the SDK?

      Suggestions would be appreciated.


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        All the MSDN doc for specific functions includes "minumum operating system" so you should not need any "prior version" copies.

        The winapi is, at least in my experience, 100% backward compatible across all windows' versions on which the function is available.
        Michael Mattias
        Tal Systems Inc. (retired)
        Racine WI USA
        [email protected]


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          Thanks for the comment.

          The reason I asked is that I seem to recall statements where folks have talked about certain tools that were included in earlier SDK distributions - applications, utilities, help files, ... - which were left out of later SDK distributions.

          So I was interested in whether there has been anything of note left out of the 8.1 version of the SDK.


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            I think Gary is looking for the best and most convenient reference information for the API and SDK environment. I'm with him!

            BTW, I dug out my old "Windows API Bible" by Conger and the Waite Group and it's a blast from the past. Written in 1992, it not only covers Windows 3.0, but also the new Windows 3.1 using state-of-the-art 16-bit API procedures.

            I finally realized it was time to move on and bought a used version of the Petzold book from Amazon for under $10, including shipping. I've had excellent results buying used books from Amazon and their suppliers, so I'm hopeful this will turn out well.
            It's impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.


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              Win7 SDK

              I downloaded the Windows 7 SDK about 10 days ago.

              Rather than give a direct link the MS will change on the slightest whim ...
              I used Google with "Win7 SDK download". The top result was a link to MS
              with a download button.

              Note that there were three (3) options depending on CPU -- x86, AMD64, Itanium(?). There are all 1.4 GB. [I suspect that this only for the specific
              versions of the tools included.]

              I don't know about tools or samples, I only ever install the documentation and the includes.

              HTH, Mike.
              There are only two speeds for computers: fast enough, and too bloody slow.
              And there are 10 types of programmer -- those that know binary, and those that don't.


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                Hey Mike,
                I went ahead and posted the link in the 1st post above. If MSDN changes it, I will edit the pages. Thanks for the Gooogle terms that got me right there!


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                  Don't be afraid to get a copy of the old WIN32.HLP, it contains the core win32 API, messages, equates and structures. MSDN is your friend for later stuff.
                  hutch at movsd dot com
                  The MASM Forum



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                    Indeed. It is available on the PowerBASIC downloads pages. Here (2nd item.)

                    NB for Windows 7 etc. you have to download also "Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7" Here.

                    There are only two speeds for computers: fast enough, and too bloody slow.
                    And there are 10 types of programmer -- those that know binary, and those that don't.


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                      I just uploaded an ide:



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                        SDK programming

                        The following book uses VS 2013, it does not follow the stupid-ness of other books that teach console programming. The first two chapters teaches windows programming using SDK style. Good section on what is required to put a window on the screen and the message loop.

                        Beginning Game Programming, Fourth Edition
                        Jonathan S. Harbour
                        Kindle Edition
                        Sold by: Cengage Learning, Inc.

                        Those whom want to port DirectX can do so.