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Convert VS resource.h files

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  • Convert VS resource.h files


    I thought I should post this little snippet because all of you
    have given me so much advice and help in the past. I wrote this
    with PBDOS but it should be easy to convert to PBDLL/CC. This
    will convert most "resource.h" files from VisualStudio to a PBDLL
    "" file.

    rem Convert VisualStudio resource.h files
    dim Source as string
    dim Target as string
    dim Buffer as string
    if command$ = "" then
        print "usage: makinc [resource.h]"
    end if
    Source = command$
    Target = command$
    replace ".h" with ".inc" in Target
    open Source for input as #1
    open Target for output as #2
    do until eof(1)
        line input #1,Buffer
        replace "//" with "rem //" in Buffer
        replace "#ifdef " with "#if %def(%" in Buffer
        replace "#ifndef " with "#if not %def(%" in Buffer
        replace "#define " with "%" in Buffer
        replace "%_" with "%" in Buffer
        replace " 0" with "= 0" in Buffer
        replace " 1" with "= 1" in Buffer
        replace " 2" with "= 2" in Buffer
        replace " 3" with "= 3" in Buffer
        replace " 4" with "= 4" in Buffer
        replace " 5" with "= 5" in Buffer
        replace " 6" with "= 6" in Buffer
        replace " 7" with "= 7" in Buffer
        replace " 8" with "= 8" in Buffer
        replace " 9" with "= 9" in Buffer
        if instr(Buffer,"%def(%") then Buffer = Buffer + ")"
        print #2, Buffer
    I think i'm going to make another conversion utility that will
    shell "rc.exe" and "pbres.exe" to completely convert the
    VisualStudio resource combo.

    If you want a precompiled EXE please send me an email...

    email: mark.s[email protected]