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RegisterClassEx macro

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  • RegisterClassEx macro

    what follows is a macro for registering windows classes. the advantages are the following:
    • no need to declare a local wndclassex
    • automatic fill of the cbsize and hinstance items
    • no need to have string variables for filling the lpszmenuname and lpszclassname items - string equates passing allowed

    function pbregisterclassex( style as dword, lpfnwndproc as long, cbclsextra as long, _
                                cbwndextra as long, hicon as long, hcursor as long, _
                                hbrbackground as long, lpszmenuname as string, _
                                lpszclassname as string, hiconsm as long ) as long
    local wcex as wndclassex
      wcex.cbsize         = sizeof( wcex )          = style
      wcex.lpfnwndproc    = lpfnwndproc
      wcex.cbclsextra     = cbclsextra
      wcex.cbwndextra     = cbwndextra
      wcex.hinstance      = getmodulehandle( byval %null )
      wcex.hicon          = hicon
      wcex.hcursor        = hcursor
      wcex.hbrbackground  = hbrbackground
      if lpszmenuname = " then
        wcex.lpszmenuname = %null
        wcex.lpszmenuname = strptr( lpszmenuname )
      end if
      wcex.lpszclassname  = strptr( lpszclassname )
      wcex.hiconsm        = hiconsm
      function = registerclassex( wcex )
    end function
    please post your comments to


    Rgds, Aldo