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ParseReplace function

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  • ParseReplace function

    ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ' Replaces a string inside the specified Parse$ field
    ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ' sSource           - The string to modify (must contain at least iIndex fields)
    ' sSep              - The field delimeter(s)
    ' iIndex            - The index of the field to replace
    ' sRepStr           - The new text
    '  - If the source string is empty, the replacement string is copied
    '  - If the replacement string is empty, the field is set to empty
    '  - If the number of fields is less than the specified field, the function quits
    '  - If the separating character is empty, a comma is used
    '  - Only accepts 1 separating character
    ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Sub ParseReplace(ByRef sSource As String, ByVal sSep As String, ByVal iIndex As Long, ByVal sRepStr As String)
     Register i As Long, c As Long: Local b As Byte Ptr, s As Byte
     If Len(sSource) = 0 Then sSource = sRepStr: Exit Sub
     If Len(sSep) Then s = Asc(sSep) Else s = 44
     c = 1: b = StrPtr(sSource)
     For i = 0 To Len(sSource)
         If c = iIndex Then
            sSource = Left$(sSource, i) + sRepStr + Mid$(sSource, Instr(i+1, sSource, Chr$(s)))
            Exit Sub
         End If
         If @b[i] = s Then Incr c
    End Sub
    Kev G Peel
    KGP Software
    Bridgwater, UK.
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</A>

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    Updated November 6th 2001: I have updated the above code to use a byte pointer for a substantial speed increase. | Slam DBMS | PrpT Control | Other Downloads | Contact Me


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      Hi Kev,

      Here is another apprach. I would expect it to be much faster
      than parse$ in PB. But take care! It is destructive!!! All
      the delimiters are replaced with chr$(0).

      #compile exe
      #dim all
      #register none
      function DParse(Source as string, byval Delim as string, pPart() as dword) as long
          register s as long, d as long    
          local pSource as byte pointer : pSource = strptr(Source)    
          local pDelim as byte pointer  : pDelim  = strptr(Delim)    
          local nSource as long         : nSource = len(Source)
          local nDelim as long          : nDelim  = len(Delim)
          local flag as long, count as long
          flag = 1
          for s = 0 to nSource-1
              for d = 0 to nDelim-1
                  if @pSource[s] = @pDelim[d] then
                      @pSource[s] = 0
                      flag = 1 
                      goto next_s
                  end if
              next d    
              if flag then
                  redim preserve pPart(count) 
                  pPart(count) = pSource + s
                  incr count
                  flag = 0
              end if
          next s
          function = count
      end function
      function pbmain
          dim p(0) as dword
          local pz as asciiz pointer
          local i as long
          local s as string : s = " This is/ \  /// a     test-string    "    
          for i = 0 to DParse(s," /", p()) - 1
              pz = p(i) : msgbox "'" + @pz + "'"
          next i
      end function
      [email protected]

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      [email protected]