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Listview with "sort diamonds"

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  • PBWin Listview with "sort diamonds"

    Hi all,

    after some pains and a little help from my friend(s) I finally managed to finish my little sort diamond howto with listviews. Binary distribution including bitmaps and resources can be downloaded here:
    Latest version includes update of header on header resize.

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    Dear all,

    The file is no longer accessible on the website.

    As anyone a copy of it ?
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    Jean-Pierre LEROY


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      Administrator please delete if not wanted.
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        Thank you so much for posting the file again.

        It's exactly what I was looking for.
        Jean-Pierre LEROY


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          This is the sample updated for PB 9.01 and a clean resource file.
          Name changed to avoid repeated names.
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            Doesn't work when you have right-aligned listview columns. They become left aligned which leaves out sorting numerically.

            Bob Mechler


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              The following will make right aligned work correctly although it uses a global array.

              '* Set the header icons based on the active column (index) and the sort order
              SUB SetHeaderIcons(BYVAL iActiveColumn AS INTEGER, BYVAL iSortOrder AS INTEGER)
                 LOCAL i AS INTEGER
                 LOCAL hdi AS HD_ITEM
                 LOCAL iAlignRight AS INTEGER
                 FOR i = 0 TO Header_GetItemCount(ghLvHdr) - 1
                    'Go through each column header
                    hdi.mask = %HDI_FORMAT OR %HDI_IMAGE
                    Header_GetItem ghLvHdr, i + 1, hdi
                    'iAlignRight = (hdi.fmt = %HDF_RIGHT)  'Doesn't seem to work
                    IF LV_COLUMN_ALIGN(i) = %LVCFMT_RIGHT THEN 'not elegant but created a global array of header text alignment as listview was built.
                      iAlignRight = 1
                    END IF
                    hdi.fmt = %HDF_STRING OR (iAlignRight AND %HDF_RIGHT)      
                    IF i = iActiveColumn THEN
                       hdi.fmt = hdi.fmt OR %HDF_IMAGE OR ((iAlignRight = %FALSE) AND %HDF_BITMAP_ON_RIGHT)
                    END IF
                    hdi.iImage = iSortOrder
                    CALL Header_SetItem(ghLvHdr, i, hdi)
              END SUB