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CRC-16 Routines

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  • CRC-16 Routines

        '   I needed these CRC-16 routines to calculate the CRC for each byte of data in a string, accumulate the value in
        '     CrcReg??, and then use the final value of CrcReg?? to calculte a final Block Check Character (two; one byte each).
        '     These may be useful to someone.  Should be easy to modify.  Kev Peel and Tom Hanlin (and possibly others) may
        '     remember helping me in translating some of these from C.  Thanks again.  Feel free to use/modify this code.
        '   - CRC-16 Routines
        '   - Create a unique CRC-16 lookup table by changing the values of c%(0) through c%(7)
        '   - Calculate CRC value by passing data one byte at a time to  CalculateCRC16 as databyte? until all bytes are passed
        '       Can be used to calculate CRC16 for your transmit string, or to calculate the CRC16 of a received string
        '       Last two bytes of received string (for my purposes) are the Most Significant Byte and then Least Significant
        '       Byte of of the final Block Check Character - can be omitted if you don't need them.
        '   - Final BCC (Block Check Character) composed of two one byte pieces of data, BCC1?, and BCC2?
        '       Convert these to byte sized bit patterns with MKBYT$ before appending to end of string
            'create a 256 element look up table based on a unique mask/rule set
    FUNCTION MakeLookUpTable () AS LONG
        GLOBAL CrcReg??
        GLOBAL table?? ()
        LOCAL c% ()
        LOCAL d$
        LOCAL i&, j&, mask&
        REDIM table??(0 TO 255)
        REDIM c%(0 TO 7)         'these hex values create a unique look up table, change values to change the table
                c%(0) = &h1001
                c%(1) = &h2002
                c%(2) = &h4004
                c%(3) = &h8118
                c%(4) = &h1221
                c%(5) = &h2482
                c%(6) = &h48A4
                c%(7) = &h3AB8
        FOR i& = 0 TO 255
                table??(i&) = 0
                mask& = &h0001
                    FOR j& = 0 TO 7
                IF(i& AND mask&) THEN table??(i&) = table??(i&) XOR c%(j&)
                SHIFT LEFT mask&, 1
                NEXT j&
                d$ = HEX$(table??(i&))
                    NEXT i&
                FUNCTION = 0
        CrcReg?? = 0    'reset CrcReg?? before calculating new string
    ' calculate the CRC-16; call this routine until all bytes of data have been passed to it, then call GetBCC1BisyncByte
    FUNCTION CalculateCrc16 (databyte?)  AS LONG
        LOCAL s??,  CrcCopy??
                CrcCopy?? = CrcReg??    'make a copy because SHIFT changes the value of CrcReg??
              s?? = 0
              SHIFT RIGHT CrcCopy??, 8
              s?? = (databyte? AND &h00ff) XOR (CrcCopy?? AND &h00ff) 'databye? is one byte of data extracted from data string
              SHIFT LEFT CrcReg??, 8
                CrcReg?? = (CrcReg??  XOR table??(s??))
        'get first block check character  (MSB(yte))
    FUNCTION GetBCC1BisyncByte () AS LONG
        STATIC BCC1?
        LOCAL a$, CRC??
                  CRC?? = CrcReg??      'make a copy of the value of CrcReg??
                SHIFT RIGHT CRC??, 8
                  BCC1? = NOT (CRC?? AND 255)
                        CALL GetBCC2BisyncByte (BCC1?)
            END FUNCTION
     'get second block check character (LSB(yte))
    FUNCTION GetBCC2BisyncByte (BCC1?) AS LONG
        STATIC BCC2?
        BCC2? = NOT(CrcReg?? AND 255)
            blockcheck$ =  MKBYT$(BCC1?) +  MKBYT$(BCC2?)    'blockcheck$ is a global variable declared elsewhere
    '       ********************************************************************************************************************
    Mark Pruitt

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