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Using Memory Mapped Files in place of RANDOM access

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  • Using Memory Mapped Files in place of RANDOM access

    ' file : mmfdemo.bas
    ' may 8 2004
    ' placed in public domain by author, michael mattias racine wi
    ' compiler     :  pb/windows 7.02
    ' :  5/9/02
    ' shows: use of memory mapped file and absolute array to replace fixed-record-length
    '        files using random access, using some 'wrapper' functions to make access simpler
    '        from within pb code.
    ' note this 'array' method only works with fixed-record-length files
    ' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ' want more on mmfs?
    '  (fred oxenby)
    '  (this author)
    ' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    #include ""
    #if not %def (%invalid_handle_value_long)
      %invalid_handle_value_long = -1&
    ' memory map a file for input only
    ' returns: true = pifdata, false=error
    function mapthisfile (szfilein as asciiz, hsys as long, hfilemapping as long, cbmapping as long) as dword
     ' note we need the values of hsys, hfilemapping and pifdata to unmap the file
      local w32 as win32_find_data, hsearch as long
      local pifdata as dword
      ' check that we can find the file, and get its size if we can
      hsearch      = findfirstfile (szfilein, w32)
      if hsearch <> %invalid_handle_value_long then
          cbmapping    =  w32.nfilesizelow
          closehandle     hsearch
          function = 0
          exit function
      end if
      ' open the file for reading and get system handle. we could open with pb open and then open handle but
      ' that would just complicate this
      hsys          = createfile (szfilein, %generic_read, %file_share_read, byval %null, %open_existing, %file_attribute_normal, byval %null)
      if istrue hsys  then
         hfilemapping     = createfilemapping (hsys, byval %null, %page_readonly, byval %null, byval %null, byval %null)
         if istrue hfilemapping then
             ' map the file to our memory space and get pointer to data...
             pifdata    = mapviewoffile (hfilemapping, %file_map_read, byval %null, byval %null, byval %null)
             function   = pifdata
             function    = 0
             closehandle hsys
             exit function
         end if
          function = 0
          exit function
      end if
    end function
    function unmapmappedfile (pifdata as dword, hsys as long, hfilemapping as long) as long
        unmapviewoffile pifdata
        closehandle     hfilemapping
        closehandle     hsys
    end function
    %record_length  = 80
    function pbmain() as long
     local pifdata as dword, hsys as long, hfilemapping as long, cbmapping as long, szfile as asciiz * %max_path
     local nrec    as long, reclen as long
     local a()     as string * %record_length   ' will be our "random access file"
     ' for demo, build a test file.
     szfile    =     "mmftestfile.dat"
     nrec      =     10000
     reclen    =     %record_length
     call            createtestfile (szfile, nrec, reclen)
     ' map the file and get pointer to start of data
     pifdata   =      mapthisfile (szfile, hsys, hfilemapping, cbmapping)
     ' overlay an array
     redim            a (nrec -1) at pifdata
     ' prove success
     call             checkafewentries (a())
    ' clean up
     unmapmappedfile  pifdata, hsys, hfilemapping
     msgbox "end of demo",%mb_iconinformation or %mb_applmodal, "memory-mapped file demo"
    end function
    function createtestfile (szfile as asciiz, nrec as long, reclen as long) as long
        local hfile as long, w as string, i as long
        hfile = freefile
        open    szfile for random as hfile len=reclen
        for i  = 1 to nrec
            w  =   lset$ (using$("this is record number ###,###", i), reclen)
            put #hfile, i, abs w
        close hfile
    end function
    function checkafewentries (a() as string * %record_length) as long
        local recno as long, w as string, msg as string
             w = inputbox$("record number or <cancel> to quit ", "memory-mapped file demo")
             if w = " then
                 exit do
                w = trim$(w)
                recno = val(w) - 1    ' minus one to account for zero-based array versus 1-based file
                if recno < lbound(a,1) or recno > ubound(a,1) then
                    msg = "requested record out of array range"
                    msg = trim$(a(recno))
                end if
                msgbox using$("trimmed record _# ###,### ==>'", recno+1) & msg & "'" ' +1 : array subscript==>record number
             end if
    end function
    ' /// end of file mmfdemo.bas

    michael mattias
    tal systems inc.
    racine wi usa
    mailto:[email protected][email protected]</a>
    Michael Mattias
    Tal Systems (retired)
    Port Washington WI USA
    [email protected]