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    Hope you guys don't mind me sharing some PB/DOS code with you. Had to prove a point to my boss recently and decided to use PB/DOS to do it with the following code:

    ' Salary->Hourly Wage Calculator 
    ' Programming by Robert Wolfe <BBS: | Fido 1:261/20> 
    ' With "on-call" adaptation as outlined by Hunter Wolfe 
    ' Version 1.00 
    '  Program Constants 
    YrWks = 52        ' Total number of weeks in a year 
    WkHrs = 40        ' Total number of hours for full-time position 
    YrHrs = YrWks * WkHrs    ' Total number of hours in a year for full time 
    DyCal = 16        ' Number of on-call hours in a day 
    WkCal = 112        ' Number of on-call hours in a week 
    '  Get necessary data from the user 
    Input "How many people on call (weekly rotation)"; OnCall 
    Input "What is your gross yearly pay (pay before taxes)"; YrlySal 
    TtlOCW = YrWks / OnCall    ' Total number of on-call weeks per year 
    Print "Total On-Call Weeks Per Year:"; TtlOCW 
    TtlOCH = TtlOCW * WkCal    ' Total number of hours on call per year 
    Print "Total On-Call Hours Per Year:"; TtlOCH 
    TtlHPY = TtlOCH + YrHrs ' Total hours per year worked overall 
    Print "Total Hours Worked Per Year Overall:"; TtlHPY 
    Hourly = YrlySal / TtlHPY ' Gross salary 
    Print "Your actual gross wages per hour are: $"; Hourly