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  • Sound Macros

    When playing around with the Sweet Sounds of XP, I built a bunch of Macros to put in my Macro Ciollection. Anyway, here they are for any who find use, or not.

    Macro m_Sound_Chimes = SndPlaySound  "Chimes.wav" , 0
    Macro m_Sound_Ding = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Ding.wav",  0 
    Macro m_Sound_Doh = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Battery Low.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Chord = SndPlaySound  "chord.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Notify = SndPlaySound  "Notify.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_recycle = SndPlaySound  "recycle.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_ring_in = SndPlaySound  "ringin.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Dialing = SndPlaySound  "ringout.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Tada = SndPlaySound  "tada.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Blurp = SndPlaySound  "Windows Information Bar.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Pop = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Balloon.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Hey = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Battery Critical.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Clunk = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Battery Low.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Stop = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Critical Stop.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Ding1 = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Ding.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Error = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Error.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_DiDah = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Exclamation.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Hey1 = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Hardware Fail.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_LogOff = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Logoff Sound.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_LogOn = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Logon Sound.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Sigh = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Minimize.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Notify1 = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Notify.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Recycle1 = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Recycle.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Ring_In1 = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Ringin.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Dialing1  = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Ringout.wav", 0 '<-- Error 435 (End of line expectd)
    'Macro m_Sound_Dialing1 = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Ringout.wav", 0 'Without "g" it works
    Macro m_Sound_GoodBye  = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Shutdown.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Click    = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Start.wav", 0
    Macro m_Sound_Hello    = SndPlaySound  "Windows XP Startup.wav", 0
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