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Showing Variables Dynamically

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  • Showing Variables Dynamically

    'PBWIN 9.00 - WinApi 05/2008 - XP Pro SP3
    #Dim All 
    #Compile Exe  
    #Include "WIN32API.INC"
      Global hdlg As Dword                
      %Id_Label_01    = 100
      %Id_Demonstrate = 101
      %Id_Quit      = 102   
    Macro Common_Locals 'Macro easier than retyping and maintains coding consistency
      Local ctr, ctr1, ctr2, ctr3 As Long
      Local s As String
      Local Row&, col&
    End Macro  
    Sub Variable_Demo
     Randomize Timer
     For ctr = 1 To 10
        ctr1 = Rnd(1, 1000000)
        ctr2 = Rnd(1, 1000000)
        ctr3 = Rnd(1, 1000000)
        s$ = Using$("#, Look at me changing up here too ", ctr3)
        Sleep 100
        Show_Variables (ctr, ctr1, ctr2, s$)
     Next ctr
    End Sub
    Function Show_Variables (Var1&, var2&, var3&, var$) As Long
       s$ = Using$(" Var1 = #, ", var1&) & $CrLf  & _
            Using$(" Var2 = #, ", var2&) & $CrLf  & _
            Using$(" Var3 = #, ", var3&) 
       Control Set Text hdlg, %Id_Label_01, s$
       Dialog Set Text hdlg, var$     
    End Function
    CallBack Function Dialog_Processor               
      Static ctr4 As Long
      Select Case CbMsg     'This is TO determine the message TYPE 
         Case %WM_INITDIALOG'<- Initialiaton when the program loads 
         Case %WM_SYSCOMMAND 'Traps Any Alt key but only F4 closes              
         Case %WM_COMMAND  'This processes command messages
           Select Case CbCtl
             Case %Id_Demonstrate
               Select Case CbCtlMsg
                  Case %bn_clicked
                    Call Variable_Demo 
                     Incr ctr4
                    Control Set Text CbHndl, CbCtl, Using$("Demonstration #?", ctr4 + 1)
               End Select
             Case %Id_Quit
               Select Case CbCtlMsg
                  Case %bn_clicked 
                    ? "I've had enough",,"Quitting"
                    Dialog End CbHndl
               End Select
           End Select
      End Select
    End Function
    Function PBMain
      Common_locals 'set them up
      Dialog New Pixels, hdlg, "Dynamically Display Variables Demonstration", , , 400, 400, %WS_SYSMENU To hdlg
      s$ = "Showing Dynamic Variables"  & $CrLf & _
           "Using a Label " & $CrLf & _
           "and the"  & $CrLf & _
           "Dialog Caption"                     
       Col = 20
       Row = 10    
      Control Add Label, hdlg, -1, s$, Col, Row, 300, 50, %SS_center
       Row = 12 * 10 ' lines down
      Control Add Label, hdlg, %Id_Label_01, s$, Col, Row, 300, 150, %SS_center
       Row = Row + 150 + 25
      Control Add Button, hdlg, %Id_Demonstrate, "Demonstrate", col, Row, 300, 25
       Row = Row + 50
      Control Add Button, hdlg, %Id_Quit, "Quit for Pete's sake, I get it!", col, Row, 300, 25
         Dialog Show Modal hDlg   Call Dialog_Processor
    End Function
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