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Graphic Console Menu

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  • Graphic Console Menu

    Hi everybody,

    Here is my little menu with source and EXE for those that do not have upgraded yet to CC5.
    To activate Windows sound, I have renamed the standard sounds and copied them in my work directory.

    Guy Dombrowski
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    Old QB45 Programmer

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    Not sure if it is something with console windows or something internal PB does with the graphics this is using, but on exit my firewall reports it is trying to access the SCM (Service Control Manager)...which I blocked. The rest looks and works ok although some of the text in the buttons is tiny.
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      There are 3 ways to exit : Esc Key, Exit Button and the Window [x] button. The last one use an API call to end and it does not store the window position like the 2 others.

      Which one give you that message as I don't see that issue here ?
      As for the tiny caracters, what is your desktop resolution ?
      You can cycle from 800x600 to 1920x1200 by using the (+) and (-) keys.
      I use Courier New, Lucida Console and Sylfaen for the bigger font. Maybe you do not have all 3 fonts ?
      On my big 24" monitor and all my other different monitors the screen is always perfect.
      Old QB45 Programmer