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New Smtp Api

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  • New Smtp Api

    I don't know about anyone else but sending emails is becoming more problematic with anti spam, access contol lists and grey listing even within. your own organization. The standard example that comes with PB works well but something a lot more flexible is required. So I wrote a new version.

    This new version is designed to be able to use local or remote mail servers. You can send multiple attachments and has builtin diagnostics to see what is happening when you have problems. I designed it to be a series of functions one for each stage of the process so it possible to detect problems and take corrective action as required.

    So when the connection is dropped or there is problem you can simple abort the process, you don't have to go through the rest of the sequence as with the standard example. The result each step is returned to th main function.

    It is not all my work, I tested the different dns and base64 examples from the site and used the best ones. I have tested this version against a number of different mail servers without problems.
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