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Pick up predefined PBCC501 RGB colors

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  • Guy Dombrowski
    New RGB Colors


    Your Pick_RGB_Colors Utility is fantastic !
    Il will be very useful for me with my Graphic Console technique.

    I was just starting to use the the Predefined colors we got with the 5.01 update but your program will make it a lot faster to switch to the new system.
    I have made some minor changes to improve my own use.

    First I added #CONSOLE OFF at the start to get rid of the console.

    Next I added : GRAPHIC GET DC TO GVdw_h_main_window: IF GVdw_h_main_window =0 THEN GRAPHIC WINDOW END: END
    right after your GRAPHIC INKEY$ TO LVS graph inkey in order to be able to shut down the program if you close the graphic window with the top right [X]

    I also decreased the size of the window to be able to use it with my others tools.

    GRAPHIC WINDOW $main_window_name, _
    1, _
    1, _
    GVL_screen_width/1.8, _
    GVL_screen_high - 170 _
    TO GVdw_h_main_window
    GRAPHIC ATTACH GVdw_h_main_window, 0, REDRAW

    Now, I can park it on my left LCD monitor and it will always be available to setup my screen colors.

    Thank you very much for the many hours you must have spend on that project !

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  • Werner Henning
    started a topic Pick up predefined PBCC501 RGB colors

    Pick up predefined PBCC501 RGB colors

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