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Inkey$ replacement for PBWin

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  • Gert Voland

    look for SUB GWInkey(lInstat AS LONG, sKey$, keyshift AS INTEGER) in :

    You create and attach a GRAPHIC WINDOW and then call GWInkey().

    When lInstat is true, the last key stroke can be read from sKey$.
    Independent of that keyshift returns the status of the Shift/Ctrl/Alt keys.

    All those variables are compatible with INSTAT, INKEY$ and INSHIFT of PB/CC.
    The routine detects more keys than the standard GRAPHIC INKEY such as TAB, Alt Fxx etc. (except keypad keys).

    Does this come close to what you meant?

    Best regards,

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  • Gösta H. Lovgren-2
    started a topic Inkey$ replacement for PBWin

    Inkey$ replacement for PBWin

    Forget it, was close but no cigar {oh well}
    Last edited by Gösta H. Lovgren-2; 25 Apr 2009, 10:20 PM. Reason: Incomplete testing with Real men.