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PBWin9 Keywords in DATA statements

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  • PBWin9 Keywords in DATA statements

    Here's what I use in for syntax highlighting. I went to the PB Help (Keyword Quick Finder), copied all of the entries, extracted unique words, capitalized them (humpback style in general, although I modified a few to match my tastes) then put them into DATA statements.

          Data #Align, #Bloat, #Com, #Compile, #Compiler, #Debug, #Dim, #If, #ElseIf, #Else
          Data #EndIf, #Include, #Messages, #Optimize, #Option, #PBForms, #Register, #Resource, #Stack, #Tools
          Data #Utility, %Def, ABS, Accel, Accept, Acode$, Add, Addr, Alloc, AND
          Data Arc, Array, Arrayattr, Asc, Asm, Assign, Atn, Attach, Bar, Beep
          Data Bgr, Bin$, Bit, Bitmap, Bits, Bitse, Block, Bold, Box, Browse
          Data Build$, Button, Calc, Call, CallSTK, CallSTK$, CallSTKcount, Cancel, Case, CB, Ctl
          Data Ctlmsg, Hndl, lParam, Msg, Nmcode, Nmhdr, Nmhdr$, Nmhwnd, NmID, wParam
          Data Cbctl, Cbctlmsg, Cbhndl, Cblparam, Cbmsg, Cbwparam, CByt, CCur, CCux, CDbl
          Data Cdwd, Ceil, Cext, ChDir, ChDrive, Check, Check3State, Checkbox, Child, Choose
          Data Chr, Chr$, Cint, Class, Clear, Click, Client, Clipboard, Clng
          Data Close, ClsID$, Code, Codeptr, Collate, Color, ColorMode, Column, ComboBox, Comm
          Data Command$, Content, Control, Copies, Copy, Cos, Count, Cqud, Create, Cset
          Data CSet$, CSng, CurDir$, CVByt, CVCur, CVCux, CVD, CVDwd, CVE, CVI
          Data CVL, CVQ, CVS, CVWrd, CWrd, Data, Datacount, Date$, Declare, Decr
          Data DefByt, DefCur, DefCux, DefDbl, DefDwd, DefExt, DefInt, DefLng, DefQud, DefSng
          Data DefStr, DefWrd, Delete, Desktop, Detach, Dialog, Dim, Dir$, Disable, DiskFree
          Data DiskSize, Display, DLLmain, Do, Doevents, Draw, Duplex, Dword, Ellipse, Enable
          Data End, Environ, Environ$, Eof, Eqv, Erase, Erl, Erl$, Err, ErrClear
          Data Error, Error$, Events, Exact, Exe, Exit, Exp, Exp10, Exp2, Expanded
          Data Explicit, Extract$, Field, FileAttr, FileCopy, FileName$, FileScan, Find, Fit, Fix
          Data Flush, Focus, Font, For, Format$, FormFeed, Frac, Frame, Free, FreeFile
          Data FuncName$, Function, Get, Get$, GetAttr, Global, GlobalMem, GoSub, GoTo, Graphic
          Data Guid$, GuidTxt$, Handle, Hdlg, Header, Hex$, Hi, HiByt, HiInt, HiWrd
          Data Host, Icon, Id, IDispInfo, If, IIF, Image, Image2, ImageList
          Data ImageX, ImgButton, ImgButtonX, Imp, Incr, Inkey$, Input, Input#, InputBox$, Insert
          Data Instance, Instr, Int, Interface, IsFalse, IsFile, IsInterface, IsMissing, IsNothing
          Data IsObject, IsTrue, IsWin, Item, Iterate, Join$, Kill, Label, LBound, LCase$
          Data Left$, Len, Let, LibMain, Line, Lines, ListBox, ListView, Lo, Load
          Data LoByt, Loc, Local, Lock, Lof, Log, Log10, Log2, LoInt, Loop, LoWrd
          Data LPrint, LPrint$, LSet, LTrim$, Macro, Mak, MakDwd, MakInt, MakPtr, MakWrd
          Data Margin, Masked, Mat, Max, Mcase$, Me, Menu, Method, Mid$, Min
          Data Mix, MkByt$, MkCur$, MkCux$, MkD$, MkDir, MkDwd$, Mke$, Mki$, Mkl$
          Data Mkq$, Mks$, Mkwrd$, Mod, Modal, Mode, Modeless, MousePTR, MsgBox, MyBase
          Data Name, New, Next, Not, Notify, Nul$, ObjActive, Object, ObjPTR, ObjResult
          Data ObjResult$, Oct$, OEMtext, On, Open, OpenFile, Option, Or, Orientation, Overlay
          Data Page, PageSize, Paint, Paper, Papers, Parent, Parse, Parse$, ParseCount, Parts
          Data PathName$, PathScan$, PBLibMain, PBMain, Peek, Peek$, Pie, Pixel, Pixels, Poke
          Data Poke$, Polygon, Polyline, Popup, Pos, Post, PPI, Previous, Print, Print#
          Data Printer$, PrinterCount, Profile, ProgID$, ProgressBar, Property, Put, Put$, Quality, RaiseEvent
          Data Randomize, Range, Read$, Recv, ReDim, Redraw, RegExpr, Register, RegRepl, REM
          Data Remain$, Remove$, Render, Repeat$, Replace, Reset, Resume, Retain$, Return, Rgb
          Data Right$, RmDir, Rnd, Root, Rotate, Round, RSet, RSet$, RTrim$, Save
          Data SaveFile, Scale, Scan, ScrollBar, Seek, SelCount, Select, Send, Separator, Set
          Data SetAttr, Seteof, Sgn, Shell, Shift, Show, Sin, Size, SizeOf, Sleep
          Data Sort, Space$, Sqr, State, Static, Status, StatusBar, Step, Str$, StrDelete$
          Data Stretch, String, String$, StrInsert$, StrPTR, StrReverse$, Style, StyleXX, Sub
          Data Suspend, Swap, Switch, Tab, Tab$, Tally, Tan, Tcp, Text, TextBox
          Data Thread, ThreadCount, Threaded, ThreadID, Time$, Timer, Tix, Toolbar, Trace, TrackPOS
          Data Tray, Trays, TreeView, Trim$, Try, Type, UBound, UCase$
          Data UCode$, UDP, Unicode, Union, Units, UnLock, UnSelect, User, Using$
          Data Val, Variant#, Variant$, VariantVT, VarPTR, Verify, Visible, WaitKey$, Wend, While, Width
          Data Window, WinMain, Write#, XOR, XPrint, XPrint$