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Flying Enterprise

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    PBCC Flying Enterprise

    'Program: SpriteDemo
    'Autor: Ingo H. Maurischat
    'Usage: This is my first try creating Shapes without using the
    ' win32 API functions, like BitBLT, TransformBlt and others.
    ' I also didn't want to use things like OpenGL or DirectX
    ' We do all things using the builtin statements and functions in
    ' PowerBasic :
    ' Graphic Attach, Graphic New Bitmap, Graphic Get Bits,
    ' Graphic Set Bits, Graphic Copy and CVL
    'Info: I did this only for my fun, please note that the speed on older
    ' computer is to slow for "High Speed Ufos"
    ' The next step is optimizing and to put all the things in a class
    ' You must use bitmaps with a black background, or modify the
    ' function "LoadSprite".
    ' Hit Escape to end the demo
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