As a new PB user, I choose to teach myself this language by porting some date and time routines I had written many years ago in assembler. After all the fun, I gathered up all the code snippets and put together the attached DLL code. I apologize in advance for the mess and inefficiencies as I didn't even think about it much. Open up the PB help, ahh.. there is something that will work and away I went. As the compilied DLL is around 115k or so, I expect it to be simply a code resource that anybody can grab code snippets from and clean up in your expert styles. I know there are already excellent date/time sources and you folks have a guru on the subject although you might find it interesting to see another way to do things and maybe even a few new things might pop up.

The serial days date format I choose came from the book "Calendrical Calculations" and is a signed 32-bit word representing the number of days since Jan 1, 1 which is "day" 1.

There shouldn't be too many bugs since I have put millions of calls through most of the critical routines.

I'm working on a PB version of the Olson TimeZone and have the parsing phase completed. I have to decide on how to store the results. I'm looking at emitting PB DATA statements or maybe even a standalone binary file. Anyway, I'll be inserting the Olson results in this DLL at a later date.


Rick Kelly


Addendum - If you find errors/bugs in the algorithms or ideas for inclusion, please post in the programming forum and I'll followup there
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