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Display all 21 common controls - show various mouse events

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  • PBWin Display all 21 common controls - show various mouse events

    This example shows all 21 of the PowerBASIC supported controls, showing how wm_mousemove, wm_setcursor, buttonup/down (left and right) work with the controls.

    'Compilable Example:
    #Compile Exe
    #Dim All
    #Include ""
    #Include ""
    #Resource "gbsnippets.pbr"
    Global hDlg As Dword, hLst1 as Dword, hLst2 as Dword, hMenu as Dword, hMenuHelp as Dword
    Function PBMain() As Long
       Dim MyArray(1) as String
       MyArray(0) = "Items" : MyArray(1)= "ListBox"
       Dialog New Pixels, 0, "Test Code",300,300,600,500, %WS_OverlappedWindow To hDlg
       AddToolbar : AddMenu : AddStatusBar
       AddListView : AddTreeView : AddTAB
       Control Add Button, hDlg, 100,"Button", 20,60,100,20
       Control Add Label, hDlg, 110,"Label1", 20,90,120,20
       Control Add TextBox, hDlg, 120,"TextBox", 20,120,100,20
       Control Add ListBox, hDlg, 130,MyArray() , 20,150,100,100
       Control Add ComboBox, hDlg, 140,MyArray(), 20,260, 100,20
       Control Add Option, hDlg, 150, "Pick Me!", 20,285, 100,20, %WS_Group
       Control Add Option, hDlg, 155, "Pick Him!", 20,300, 100,20, %WS_Group
       Control Add Checkbox, hDlg, 160, "No, Pick Me!", 20, 325, 100,20, %WS_Group
       Control Add Check3State, hDlg, 170, "Forget them, pick Me!", 20, 350, 120,20
       Control Add ScrollBar, hDlg, 180, "", 20, 380, 120,20
       Control Add Line, hDlg, 190, "", 20, 420, 100,8                                         ',%SS_Notify Or %WS_Border
       Control Add ImgButton, hDlg, 300,"cowgirl", 140,60,100,100, %WS_Border
       Control Add ImgButtonX, hDlg, 310,"cowgirl", 140,180,100,100, %WS_Border
       Control Add Image, hDlg, 500,"cowgirl", 270,60,100,100, %WS_Border            ',%SS_Notify
       Control Add ImageX, hDlg, 510,"cowgirl", 270,180,100,100, %WS_Border        ',%SS_Notify
       Control Add Graphic, hDlg, 520,"", 270,300,100,100, %WS_Border            ',%SS_Notify
       Graphic Attach hDlg, 520 : Graphic Render "cowgirl", (0,0)-(100,100)
       Control Add Frame, hDlg, 530,"Frame", 400,300,150,50, %WS_Border            ',%SS_Notify
       Dialog Show Modal hDlg Call DlgProc
    End Function
    CallBack Function DlgProc() As Long
       Local pt as Point
       Select Case CB.Msg
          Case %WM_Command
          Case %WM_Notify
       End Select
    End Function
    Sub AddToolbar
       Control Add Toolbar, hDlg, 700,"", 0,0,0,0
       ImageList New Icon 16,16,32,3 To hLst1
       ImageList Add Icon hLst1, "x"              '1
       Toolbar Set ImageList hDlg, 700, hLst1, 0
       Toolbar Add Button    hDlg, 700, 1, 200, %TbStyle_Button, "x"
    End Sub
    Sub AddMenu()
       Menu New Bar To hMenu
       Menu New Popup To hMenuHelp
       Menu Add Popup, hMenu, "&Help", hMenuHelp, %MF_Enabled
       Menu Add String, hMenuHelp, "&About", 1000, %MF_Enabled
       Menu Attach hMenu, hDlg
    End Sub
    Sub AddStatusBar
       Control Add StatusBar, hDlg, 800, "",0,0,0,0
       StatusBar Set Parts hDlg, 800, 75,75,99999
       StatusBar Set Text hDlg, 800, 1, 0, "one"
       StatusBar Set Text hDlg, 800, 2, 0, "two"
       StatusBar Set Text hDlg, 800, 3, 0, "three"
    End Sub
    Sub AddListView
       Control Add ListView, hDlg, 900, "", 400,60,150,100, %WS_Border
       ImageList New Icon 16,16,32,3 To hLst2     'create SMALL imagelist  w,h,depth,size
       ImageList Add Icon hLst2, "x"
       ListView Set ImageList hDlg, 900, hLst2, %lvsil_small
       ListView Insert Column hDlg, 900, 1, "test1", 75, 0         'columns    hdlg, id&, col, "test", width, format
       ListView Insert Item hDlg, 900, 1, 1, "one"  'row 1, col1   'rows         hdlg, id&, row, image, "text"
       ListView Set Text hDlg, 900, 1,2, "12"    'row1 col2       'items           hdlg, id&, row, col, "text"
       ListView Set Mode hDlg, 900, 1  '0-icon 1-report 2-small 3-list
    End Sub
    Sub AddTreeView
       Local hItem as Dword, hTemp as Dword, hTemp2 as Dword, Style&
       Control Add TreeView, hDlg, 950, "", 400,180,150,100, Style&
       TreeView Insert Item hDlg, 950, 0, %TVI_Last, 0,0,"Root" To hItem
       TreeView Insert Item hDlg, 950, hItem, %TVI_Last, 0,0,"Mother" To hTemp
       TreeView Insert Item hDlg, 950, hTemp, %TVI_Last, 0,0,"Dan" To hTemp2
       TreeView Set Expanded hDlg, 950, hItem, %True
       TreeView Set Expanded hDlg, 950, hTemp, %True
    End Sub
    Sub AddTab
      Local hPage1 as Dword, hPage2 as Dword
      Control Add Tab, hDlg, 540, "", 400,370,150,75
        Tab Insert Page hDlg, 540, 1,0,"Page1" To hPage1
            Control Add Label, hPage1, 550, "Label1", 20,20,60,20
        Tab Insert Page hDlg, 540, 2,0,"Page2" To hPage2
            Control Add TextBox, hPage2, 560, "Text1", 20,20,60,20
    End Sub
    As the gbs# at the bottom of the snippet show, this is also found in gbSnippets as well as online at the gbSnippets server.

    Edited 17 Sept 2009: Added %WS_Group to the Option control, another option control (to form a group) and %WS_Group to the next control (fixes a freeze to the program when the Option control is clicked) ... Gary Beene
    Last edited by Gary Beene; 17 Sep 2009, 10:43 AM. Reason: addition of %WS_Group for Option operation

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        Very nice.
        Found 1 problem, click option "Pick Me!" causes abend with XP SP3. needed

        This is excellent for seeing many controls in action in a small program.
        I did not find a solution, Gary did.
        Last edited by Mike Doty; 17 Sep 2009, 06:46 AM.
        The world is full of apathy, but who cares?


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          The code above has been edited to correct the problem Mike helpfully pointed out.

          %WS_Group was added to the Option control and to the next control added to the dialog. In general, the %WS_Group is needed to make a group of Option controls work correctly (navigation/tabbing issue). But when a TAB control is also on the screen, the lack of %WS_Group causes the app to freeze. No other control seems to contribute to the freeze.

          So, I don't know exactly why, but the fix works.