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  • PBWin Facilities Collection

    A collection of programs and services that facilitate the programming experience.
    These are all items that I would like to see as part of the PB IDE, the menu or that the PB IDE had a means of docking or adding to the tools menu.

    I feel that PB might be more amenable to such if it can be shown that there are some things that should be more integral to the IDE.

    These aren't facilities that you use all of every day, consequently I spend a lot of time looking for them when I need one of them because they aren't in one place. Now these ones are.

    The main program is simply a series of icons in a strip. Can be horizontal or vertical.

    Tips can be toggled with Alt-T.

    From the fifteen icons, there are ten PB programs accessable, three popups from within the main program, one Windows program, and an EXIT icon. In addition, the Stringers program has fifteen buttons that can be loaded with programs of the users choice, Notepad already loaded into a sixteenth button.

    In the horizontal order, the programs are:

    The Facilities Collection
    A popup to set the location and orientation of the icon strip. Complete with an *.ini file.

    A previously posted program for finding terms in the *.INC (WIN32API) or *.bas files, by directory. Resizable to a point, an *.ini file for support. Previously posted at:
    In that same thread, Stuart McLachlan has a different approach which users can use instead of the one I've installed. Easy to switch.

    Another previously posted program listing the 140 colour equates, as well as inverse and opposite(complimentary) colours. *.ini file support, non resizable. Clicking on a colour puts the colour into the clipboard for use in the IDE. Elsewhere in the source code forum are a couple of Colour oriented programs by Manuel Valdes that can be swapped according to user's tastes.

    Colour picker
    The DISPLAY COLOR dialog with color loaded to the clipboard for use in the IDE.

    Font picker
    The DISPLAY FONT dialog. Example return to the clipboard- FONT NEW "MS Sans Serif", 10, 0, %ANSI_CHARSET TO. Please note that the variable name is not included.

    CHR$ icon:
    A little program to display the Ascii character set.

    CHR$$ icon:
    A program by Gösta H. Lovgren-2 to display the Unicode character set. Source code can be found on his site at:

    A list of commented out strings for use as dividers or commentary in programs. User can add their own strings to stringers.dat.
    As well, there are several buttons that return time or date, commented out, via the clipboard.
    In addition, there are fifteen available buttons to add programs of one's own choosing using SHELL. Notepad, used as an example, can be accessed from a sixteenth program button.
    Resizable, movable, and *.ini file supported.

    Bit Mask Viewer icon:
    A program by Brad D. Byrne. Source code can be found at:

    AreaClip icon:
    A program for cutting/copying/pasting vertical sections of code. I think this is one item that should be native to the IDE. In context help available from the right click context sensitive menu.

    Bitmap Panel
    A program to show 64x64 pixel renditions of whatever size bitmaps, with size displayed beneath each bitmap. Clicking on a bitmap loads the clipboard, as in the following example- #RESOURCE BITMAP, 8076, "C:\PBWin10\bmpsFC\concorde.bmp". Movable, non-resizable, and *.ini file supported. Several useless bitmaps included.

    Icon Corral icon:
    A program to show 32x32 pixel icons, similar to the Bitmap Panel above.
    Returns- #RESOURCE ICON, 7225, "C:\PBWin10\iconsFC\highwayrightblue.ico". Movable, non-resizable, and *.ini file supported. Several mostly useless icons included.

    Reference icon:
    A program that lists the Styles, Extended Styles, and handled messages of the 23 CONTROL ADD xxx features and those of the Dialog. Shows four at a time with a listbox for each type in a column. Double clicking on an item in a listbox disables all other listboxes so there is no inadvertent mixing of styles, extended styles, or messages. Double clicking on a second or third item ORs them together, and there is an option to begin the sequence with an OR if you are adding to an already existing list. List is loaded to the clipboard for easy insertion into code. Movable, non-resizable, and *.ini file supported. The messages listed in the Dialog column are the messages from the numeric equates page of the help file for use in Callback functions. All others are lists from the respective CONTROL ADD xxx pages.

    A quick access to the Windows calculator.(mine is always covered with something.)

    Exit icon:
    The Exit icon is on the right end in horizontal orientation and on top in the vertical orientation.

    There are plenty of programs in these fora that can be slotted into this app by an awful lot of users. One of the varieties of WinSpy for example. I know Gary Beene has some as well.

    This has been made so that for the most part, a user can change it to suit themselves, especially since we're all calling ourselves programmers.

    Users will notice that I had an awful lot of fun, and if it upsets anyone, well, the price was right!!
    Should have been posted within 2 or 3 weeks of PB 10 being released but a couple of family issues have intervened.

    Thanks for the tips from all that have improved my programming skills.(Such as they are.)
    Feel free to use any part of it.
    Meant to be installed in PBWin 10 directory.
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