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Raw Keyboard (HID) Input

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    PBWin Raw Keyboard (HID) Input

    I have two programs that needed raw input from a hid whether the program was in the foreground or not. The first needed to see a wireless presenter trigger only and the other needed to see specific keys. The three key examples are just some of the ways that I needed to deal with the input.

    'specific buttons on a (kensington) presenter hid
    %Hid_Left   = 33  '%VK_PGUP
    %Hid_Right  = 34  '%VK_PGDN
    %Hid_Bottom = 66  '%VK_B
    Global capturehid As Long                                                                          'flag used to capture hid handle
    Function FRMMAIN_WM_CREATE (hWndForm As Dword, ByVal UserData As Long) As Long
        Local rdi As RID_DEVICE_INFO
        Dim ridl(1) As RAWINPUTDEVICELIST
        GetRawInputDeviceList(ByVal %Null, nDevices&, SizeOf(ridl(0)))                                 'get hid count
        ReDim ridl(nDevices&)                                                                          'hid array
        GetRawInputDeviceList(ridl(0), nDevices&, SizeOf(ridl(0)))                                     'get hids
        Dim rid(nDevices&) As RAWINPUTDEVICE                                                           'hid register array
        i& = 0                                                                                         'keyboard counter
        For d& = 0 To nDevices& - 1                                                                    'hid loop
          GetRawInputDeviceInfo(ridl(d&).hDevice, %RIDI_DEVICEINFO, rdi, SizeOf(rdi))                  'get hid info
          Select Case rdi.dwtype                                                                       'poll hid type
            Case %RIM_TYPEMOUSE                                                                        'mouse 
            Case %RIM_TYPEKEYBOARD                                                                     'keyboard (the presenter shows up as a keyboard too)
              rid(i&).usUsagePage = 1
              rid(i&).usUsage = 6
              rid(i&).dwFlags = %RIDEV_EXINPUTSINK                                                     'capture input always 
              rid(i&).hwndTarget = hWndForm
              Incr i&                                                                                  
            Case %RIM_TYPEHID                                                                          'other hid
          End Select   
          RegisterRawInputDevices(rid(0), i&, SizeOf(rid(0)))                                          'register hids
    End Function
    Function FRMMAIN_CUSTOM (hWndForm As Dword, wMsg As Long, wParam As Dword, lParam As Long) As Long 
        Static hidDevice As Dword
        Static hidF9 As Long
        Select Case wMsg
          Case %WM_INPUT
            GetRawInputData(lParam, %RID_INPUT, ByVal %Null, dwSize&, SizeOf(RAWINPUTHEADER))          'get size of hid input
            lpb$ = Space$(dwSize&)                                                                     'set string for hid input
            GetRawInputData(lParam, %RID_INPUT, ByVal StrPtr(lpb$), dwSize&, SizeOf(RAWINPUTHEADER))   'get hid input
            Dim raw As RAWINPUT
            LSet raw = lpb$                                                                            'convert input string to rawinput 
            'if you only want to see a specific hid then set the capture flag and push a key on the hid to capture the hid handle  
            If capturehid = %True Then                                                                 
              If (raw.keyboard.message And %WM_KEYUP) = %WM_KEYUP Then                                 'only looking for keyup to avoid multiple triggers while capturing
                hidDevice = raw.Header.hDevice                                                         'set hid handle
                capturehid = %False                                                                    'reset capture flag
              End If
              Exit Function                                                                            'don't process key while capturing
            End If
            If hidDevice And raw.Header.hDevice <> hidDevice Then Exit Function                        'only process specific hid if captured
            ztrace Str$(raw.keyboard.vkey) 'show all key numbers.
            Select Case raw.keyboard.vkey                                                              'get key pressed
              'example key #1
              Case %VK_TAB
                If GetForegroundWindow <> HWND_FRMMAIN Then Exit Function                              'tab key is only used if program is on top
                If (raw.keyboard.message And %WM_KEYDOWN) = %WM_KEYDOWN Then                           'only act on keydown (multiple times if held down)
                  ztrace "Tab key (down)"
                End If
              'example key #2  
              Case %VK_F9  
                If (raw.keyboard.message And %WM_KEYUP) = %WM_KEYUP Then                               'F9 keyup only resets hidF9 flag
                  hidF9 = %False                                                                       
                  Exit Function                                                                        
                ElseIf (raw.keyboard.message And %WM_KEYDOWN) = %WM_KEYDOWN Then                       'F9 keydown is only recognized once until the hidF9 flag is reset                           
                  If hidF9 = %False Then  
                    hidF9 = %True
                    ztrace "F9 key (down)"
                  End If
                End If  
              'example key #3  
              Case %Hid_Left  'Page Up                                                                 'presenter hid left key
                If (raw.keyboard.message And %WM_KEYUP) <> %WM_KEYUP Then Exit Function                'only act on keyup
                ztrace "hid left button (up)"
            End Select
        End Select
    End Function

    If Trumpet! = %True Then Exit Function

    Discussion posted here.

    If Trumpet! = %True Then Exit Function


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      Discussion posted here.
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