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  • PBWin Mp3 Tagger

    PBWin 10.04 using Jose Roca's Includes

    Disregard if you don't play mp3 files

    Audiogenie3.dll written by Stefan Tongi ( by Jose Roca (note the include file used here
    has been shortened to include only Mp3 Tags. and by Jose Roca

    An mp3 file may have an Id3V2 Tag, an Id3V1 Tag or both or none.

    The V2 Tag is situated at the beginning of the file and may
    be of any length, depending on the contained frames.
    Album art and lyrics make the tag significantly larger.

    The V1 Tag is situated at the end of the file and is
    128 bytes (3 for 'TAG', 30 for Artist, 30 for Title, 30 for Album,
    30 for Comment, 4 for Year, 1 for Genre (Lookup table)
    Some versions steal a byte from the Comment field for track.

    Since V1 tags are essentially useless, I have made no
    provisiion for editing them. However I did include a button
    for viewing the V1 tag for assistance in filling in the V2 Tag.

    The play button was added at the end (might give a clue for the tag)
    Note if a song is playing, clicking on another song will play that song

    If an mp3 has album art, the Copy button is enabled.
    The Paste button allows copy album art to multiple files that
    have the same album

    NOTE: '***************************
    I have a very large library of mp3 files and have tested this app on many
    mp3s with no issues. But as a precaution, you might want to make copies of your mp3s
    and test this app using the copies.

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    Nice work!
    - LJ