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EjectDrive and DriveChange Updates

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  • PBWin EjectDrive and DriveChange Updates

    EjectDrive SDK VER 1.1 and DriveChange SDK VER 6.1

    Comments here. Please

    EjectDrive 1.1 and DriveChange 6.1
    -Fixed the sound clipping when multiple functions are calling the sound routine.
    -Added support for extended length volume labels.
    -Fixed DoubleClickIt, DetermineIfDriveIsRemovable, and EjectDrive routines.

    Common search items:


    App Features:

    Supports (JMICRON) USB to SATA bridged drives.
    Works for Win7 through Win10 OSes.
    Supports CD/DVD local drives.
    Custom listview colors.
    Custom icons.
    Save, Copy, Print functionality.
    ListView column sorting.
    DoubleClickIt to open a drive.
    Light and dark themes.
    Ejection button to eject a drive that is highlighted.
    Custom listview row highlight.

    They work on:

    SD cards
    CF Cards
    USB Thumb drives
    CD/DVD drives
    Portable USB drives with USB to SATA bridges JMICRON type.

    These apps do not determine if the drive is currently being
    used by another application which would preclude ejection.
    Most of the time for removable drives and CD/DVD drives a
    simplified 1 and done method is used which should cause
    them to eject.

    USB to SATA bridge drives are different from the pack in that
    their ejection method is a bit more elaborate in that the parent
    container must be ejected.

    These apps do not try to eject FIXED, REMOTE, RAMDISK,
    UNKNOWN, or NO_ROOT_DIR drives.

    Also Floppy drives have not been tested.
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    Bundle VER. 2

    Listview control with gradients.

    Comments here. Please

    New features in this bundle:
    1) Enter key supported to open selected drive.
    2) Thread update for Eject button enable/disable while browsing list.
    3) Gradient on listview items.
    4) Reworked Icons for crisper edges.
    5) Subclass for listview cursor movement.
    6) Added thread for determining ejection button state.

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