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  • PBWin xBot

    Anniversary Edition

    This example demonstrates:
    01) Built in speech recognition.
    Has minimal conversational phrases.
    Reload recognition via voice command.

    02) Built in voice output.
    Speech output is in it's own thread.
    Disables speech recognition while speaking.

    03) Built in Jarvis command and control grammar.

    04) Built in themed rebar.
    Toolbar background images. (8 3D and 8 Flat)

    05) Built in themes 16 Total. (8 3D and 8 Flat)
    Azure, Silver, Forest, Rose, Summer, Obsidian, Beach, and Sun.

    06) Built in Peak Meter with custom colors.
    Left and right peak meters.

    07) Built in microphone detection.
    Automatic and has a visible Peak meter.

    08) Built in AutoFocus. (not implemented)
    Enumerates the windows and automatically brings dialog
    forward when mouse is on an uncovered portion of the
    AutoFocus is a thread function.

    09) Built in Marquee.
    Provides visual statuses and clickable labels.
    From left to right...
    1. Status of Speech Recognition.
    2. Status of Grammar type used (clickable).
    3. Screen name (clickable).
    4. Server attention indicator.
    5. Status of Speech output (clickable).
    Stop voice output with click.

    10) Built in DLL for graphics files.

    11) Built in printing support. (Not used)

    12) Built in Credits and Help.

    13) Built in custom skinned NCA.
    No window sizing.
    No maximizing.
    No Maximize button.

    14) Custom Tooltip on Titlebar -
    for Minimize and Close buttons.

    15) Custom Titlebar Popup Menu -
    Has only Move, Minimize, and Close as options and is
    OwnerDrawn with Icons.

    16) STTPB - Soft Touch Themed Panel Buttons.

    17) Themed graphic background image.

    This is showing a flat toolbar.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	New Bitmap Image.jpg Views:	0 Size:	40.3 KB ID:	786795

    It has two unaddressed problems.
    1) Detection of VK_LEFT, VK_RIGHT, VK_UP, VK_DOWN to move the dialog was not implemented.
    2) Clicking on a panel button calls up a speech routine but after Jarvis finishes speaking he turns the microphone back on even though recognition is not enabled.
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    Last edited by Jim Fritts; 23 Nov 2019, 10:36 PM.

  • #2
    Both noted issues have been fixed...

    Just so you know the Soft Touch Themed Panel Buttons are a child of the background image.

    xBot (2).zip
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      Demonstrates 3 types of buttons:
      A) 3D buttons with raised text.
      B) STTPB - Soft Touch Themed Panel Buttons.
      C) 3D icon button region with raised multi-line text.

      Also demonstrates an orange LED marker and themed 3D text labels.
      Change the 3D Button text color by clicking the toolbar Slide button and
      then click toolbar Next Color button to see the change.

      Note: the toolbar is flat again.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	New Bitmap Image.jpg Views:	0 Size:	64.7 KB ID:	787009

      xBot (3).zip
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      Last edited by Jim Fritts; 3 Dec 2019, 10:44 PM.


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        EjectDrive is now a component of xBot.

        New developments:
        21) Added Home screen.

        22) Added Aplication Theme screen.

        23) Server Rejoin and Reboot Server buttons are now displayed
        for Client Persona only.

        24) Upgraded JARVIS to support the current screens. (3 screens)
        HOME, ApplicationTheme, and ConnectDevice.

        25) Added XButton detection to move between screens.
        Back to home screen.

        26) Added EjectDrive to Lock Screen.
        There are 4 Screens now:
        1) Home Screen
        2) Connect Device
        3) Application Theme
        4) Lock Screen AKA EjectDrive

        27) Fixed "Invalid address specified to RtlSizeHeap" WSTRINGZ POINTER issue for primary EjectDrive routine.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	New Bitmap Image.jpg Views:	0 Size:	74.2 KB ID:	787206
        One small highly visible issue: Eject button is not disabled when Reset is executed.

        xBot (4).zip
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          For some reason I was using Backup.xBot_XII_01.bas as the source code. That will be changed for the next zip post. Sorry about that.