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VOX3 Wave Recorder

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  • PBWin VOX3 Wave Recorder

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    Based on the work I did on these...
    VOX.exe and VOX2.exe found here:
    VolumeWithCallbackVistaPlus.exe found here:

    SDK Version

    This app uses these technologies:
    Speech synthesis for User notification.
    Speech recognition with Jarvis Command & Control Grammar.
    Speaker Volume and/or mute control and callback
    Microphone Volume and/or mute control and callback
    Microphone Gain control and callback

    Start and stop record is automatic.

    Example of method to use:
    1) Type the word name you want to record with no extension.
    2) Press RECORD or say "record".
    3) Wait for Mode to flash "Recording" twice.
    4) Speak the word or phrase.
    5) Stop speaking.
    6) The recording will be played back to you automatically.

    The microphone will be muted at times to stop speech recognition
    so that Jarvis does not try to recognize audio anomalies like
    transitionary microphone gain change periods or audio playback.

    Speech recognition is best when the microphone volume is 100%
    and microphone gain is 10 dB.

    The microphone gain is maxed out during audio recording.
    If you do not have adjustable microphone gain then you'll likely
    want to update your audio drivers. My system maxes out at 30 dB.

    To answer your question. Yes! These recordings are supported by
    Windows 10 and can be played without this app.
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