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Zint Barcode Generator

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  • PBWin/PBCC Zint Barcode Generator

    ZINT is an active (at the time of this post) open source, implementations for encoding data in a range of barcode symbologies. It Consists of a Qt based GUI, a command line executable and a library with an API (DLL). Zint project is currently able to encode data in over 50 barcode symbologies (types of barcode).
    I converted the zint.h header so we can use the zint.dll with PB.

    The zip file contains all required files. But you can look at the ZINT project if you want at

    The online Manual at

    ZIP file content:
    • ZintTest XPRINT printing .bas
    • ZintTest Graphic Window.bas
    • zint.dll
    • Zint Doc (Folder)
      • zint manual.txt
      • zint.h
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    Thank you Sir Macia