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    Dir Browser

    This is a cut-down version of an app I have been using for the past three years (since I installed Win10). It does NOT have actual LOAD and SAVE capabilities, instead it returns the path and filename for those functions. It also does NOT have the data base capability of the full app.

    Since I am becoming blind it is NOT dpi/dpcm or screen resolution aware, I is designed to operate at 800x600 resolution, which I can still see.

    The *.ZIP file has a README.TXT that contains pertinent information. One thing I forgot in that README is the format in-which data is returned. Basically, data is returned in vertical bar pairs with the path first and the file name last, e.g. E:\PBwin10|SomeBas.bas|C:\program files|some.exe

    The code is released to public domain. Use it, abuse it, disregard it.

    For new programmers it has some interesting concepts.

    Walt Decker