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Logic Optimization QMC2 using PwrDev and PBCC

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  • Logic Optimization QMC2 using PwrDev and PBCC

    I want to share this updated project after having discussed the installation of the PwrDev tool in:

    - QMC2 performs optimization/minimization of boolean logic by using the Quine-McCluskey and related algorithms.
    - It is limited to a maximum of 22 input and 100 output functions.
    - It is a Windows 10 program and comes with a Help file (.pdf) and numerous Examples.
    - The logic description can be provided in several different formats as tables or as boolean expressions.
    - Some sample .pla files are included that were used for benchmarking the Espresso minimization program.
    - Various optimization methods can be applied to achieve suitable results.
    - The execution is displayed and can be followed on an ASCII work area.
    - The degree of display can be set from minimum to very detailed reporting on every step - good for training purposes.
    - The reports are stored as ASCII text files and in RichText format.

    The attached .zip file contains:

    QMC2_V1.5.pd2 ---The PwrDev V2.0.6.0 project file. It may be accessed using a valid installation of PwrDev (not tested with other versions)

    QMC2.exe --- The exe file created using PBCC 6.04

    QMC2_Help_V1.5.pdf --- The help file

    QMC2_EXAMPLES --- Sample files of various table and boolean formats


    Attached Files
    Gert Voland