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Benford's law. Playing with prime numbers.

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  • PBWin Benford's law. Playing with prime numbers.

    This program was intended to play and experiment the behaviour of prime numbers according to the premises of Benford's Law.
    It is not my intention to discuss the veracity of the aforementioned law, it is only an entertainment.

    Perhaps the GeneratePrimes procedure can be useful to those who are interested in how to generate prime numbers in a fairly fast way.
    The origin of this procedure is from the year 2003 and I don't remember where I got the information from. I have used it several times over the years and it has always been very useful to me.
    In this program the list of prime numbers obtained is saved in a file in text format.

    For more details on the aforementioned law, see: and others internet places.

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    See source and executable in: