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GetDialogBaseUnits working replacement

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  • GetDialogBaseUnits working replacement

    If you tried using GetDialogBaseUnits it is useless. It only returns baseunits based on default font.

    Supply the original width and height of the dialog and make sure the dialog is not resized when you use this.

    SUB GetDialogBaseUnitsX (BYVAL hDlg AS LONG, BYVAL nWidth AS LONG, nHeight AS LONG, baseunitX AS LONG, baseunitY AS LONG )
    ''%XWConst = 4
    ''%YHConst = 8
      LOCAL mdr AS rect
                ' nWidth    original width  dlg units
                ' nHeight   original height dlg units
                mdr.right =  nWidth
                mdr.bottom = nHeight
                MapDialogRect( hDlg,mdr )           'map  dlg with original dlu creation values
                                                    'this will return return the size in pixels
                'rcl.right and rcl.bottom now holds Pixels which is the current dlg size in pixels
                ''baseunityX =    '4        *  current x in pix  / dlu x creation value
                baseunitX =    %XWConst     * mdr.right          / nWidth
                ''baseunity =     '8        *  current y in pix  / dlu y creation value
                baseunitY =    %YHConst     * mdr.bottom         / nHeight
      END SUB 'GetDialogBaseUnitsX
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