It easy to get the UpTime from your Windows servers and/or workstations using this function.
I hope that could help others.

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to use the function

' GetUpTime
Local lBootTime As String
Local lCurrentTime As String
Local lUpTime As String

If GetUpTime(lBootTime, lCurrentTime, lUpTime) = %TRUE Then
   ' do what you want with these 3 variables
   ' see example in the picture
End If

    BootTime    As Filetime
    CurrentTime As Filetime
End Type

Declare Function NtQuerySystemInformation Lib "NtDLL.DLL" Alias "NtQuerySystemInformation"( _
ByVal SystemInformationClass  As Dword, _
ByVal SystemInformation       As Dword, _
ByVal SystemInformationLength As Dword, _
ByRef ReturnLength            As Dword) As Long


Function GetUpTime(ByRef pBootTime As String, ByRef pCurrentTime As String, ByRef pUpTime As String) As Long

    Local lGetUpTime As Long : lGetUpTime = %FALSE
    Local lSystemTimeInformation As SYSTEM_TIMEOFDAY_INFORMATION
    ' UpTime
    Local lSign, lDays, lHours, lMinutes, lSeconds As Long        
    ' SystemTime
    Local lSTBootTime    As SystemTime
    Local lSTCurrentTime As SystemTime
    ' IPowerTime
    Local IPTBootTime    As IPowerTime : Let IPTBootTime    = Class "PowerTime"
    Local IPTCurrentTime As IPowerTime : Let IPTCurrentTime = Class "PowerTime"                          
    ' Use NtQuerySystemInformation to retrieve BootTime and CurrentTime information            
    If NtQuerySystemInformation(%SystemTimeInformation, VarPtr(lSystemTimeInformation), SizeOf(lSystemTimeInformation), %Null) = %STATUS_SUCCESS Then
        lGetUpTime = %TRUE            
        ' FileTimeToLocalFileTime
        FileTimeToLocalFileTime(lSystemTimeInformation.BootTime   ,lSystemTimeInformation.BootTime)
        ' FileTime to SystemTime conversion
        FileTimeToSystemTime(lSystemTimeInformation.BootTime   , lSTBootTime)
        FileTimeToSystemTime(lSystemTimeInformation.CurrentTime, lSTCurrentTime)      
        ' IPowerTime BootTime
        IPTBootTime.NewDate(lSTBootTime.wYear,lSTBootTime.wMonth , lSTBootTime.wDay)
        IPTBootTime.NewTime(lSTBootTime.wHour,lSTBootTime.wMinute, lSTBootTime.wSecond)
        pBootTime = IPTBootTime.DateString+" "+IPTBootTime.TimeStringFull)
        ' IPowerTime CurrentTime
        IPTCurrentTime.NewDate(lSTCurrentTime.wYear,lSTCurrentTime.wMonth , lSTCurrentTime.wDay)
        IPTCurrentTime.NewTime(lSTCurrentTime.wHour,lSTCurrentTime.wMinute, lSTCurrentTime.wSecond)
        pCurrentTime = IPTCurrentTime.DateString+" "+IPTCurrentTime.TimeStringFull)
        ' UpTime = timediff CurrentTime - BootTime        
        IPTCurrentTime.timediff IPTBootTime, lSign, lDays, lHours, lMinutes, lSeconds        
        pUpTime = Format$(lDays)+"d "+Format$(lHours)+"h "+Format$(lMinutes)+"m "+Format$(lSeconds)+"s"                                                                               
    End If      

    Function = lGetUpTime
End Function