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World Times - displays a list of current times in locations around the world

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  • PBWin World Times - displays a list of current times in locations around the world

    Using functions developed in previous threads on Windows Time Zones and Modal Inputboxes, a utility to display the current time for any number of locations in different zones.
    Includes an implementation of a modal input box compiled to a SLL.
    Feel free to do what you want with the source for your own use - including changing the VersionInfo/Copyright etc if you modify it (the VI is really just there as a model/demo - it's part of my application template) .

    Note: If you wish to discuss anything about it, please create a thread in the Programming forum!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	WorldTimes.jpg Views:	0 Size:	138.6 KB ID:	815574
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    Small bug in the ModalInputBox if user used the system menu X to close it after accepting a value in the previous invocation.
    (thatks to Mark Hunter for pointing it out).
    Coorected zip attached.
    (A bit bigger than the previous zip because it also contains a couple of UI enhancements)
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      This post:
      prompted me to include local time as a 7 segment display above the list using an embedded font..

      Click image for larger version  Name:	wc2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	55.3 KB ID:	815923

      The 7 Segment font linked to in MCM's post is no longer valid, but I found a nice set of free 7 and 14 segment fonts here: (released under the SIL Open Font Licence)

      I've embedded the "DSEG7Modern-Bold.ttf". font in this application.
      Attached zip contains everything needed to build the application. The only file required to run it is WorldTimes.exe.
      Note: I have not include the .bas file to build the modal input box SLL. If you want that it's unchanged from the one iin the attachment to post No 2

      Edit: Damned vBulletin software. Looks like it's just been updated to the latest (Mar 2022) v5.6.7 and I can no longer post a hash sign followed by a number to identify an earlier post in the thread (hence post No 2 above !). It gets turned into a link with the text "Community"

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