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I have just posted a 101 function library for PowerBASIC

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  • I have just posted a 101 function library for PowerBASIC

    This is my contribution to updating the PowerBASIC compilers. You can always do more but these are functions that I have used for years that have been very reliable over time. The library comes with it own help files which should be reasonably easy to understand. As it contains some encryption code, I hve added an unusual random pad generator to work with those algos.

    BEWARE : I know for certain that other members of this forum are also designing updates to the compilers and with the skill sets that many people have here, there is plenty of useful stuff in the pipeline.

    Maybe now we will hear the end to the whining about no updates to the compilers, they get updated every time someone writes an SLL module.
    hutch at movsd dot com
    The MASM Forum - SLL Modules and PB Libraries

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    Thank you; lot of functions to explore ...


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      Howdy, Hutch!

      Cool beans. It will be fun going through what you've posted. Thanks!