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  • excel get columns

    I have tried a few of the examples for excel without any luck.
    All I have is XL97 Viewer and do not have SQL.

    I need to access xls spreadsheets to import the data contained in them
    to my application. One option would be exporting to a comma-delimited file.
    That would be ok, or to be able to read the column-row data and then
    process it myself.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Fred, this may not be of much help, but can give you the basics (if you know how to translate from VBA to PB....I just have not had time to do it myself yet)

    If you go to, and under the archive examples, look for any of the excel examples...from there you will see what I did to extract cell data from each cell to concatenate a string. (Don't worry about the commands, they are just to control a stepper motor), but the core basics are there for "Grab cell A2, Grab cell D5" sort of thing.
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      Thanks Cliff.

      Jose helped me with 1 of his routines (on his forum) that looks like i can get the info. It seems to be working as of now. (Still in the infancy stage).
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