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creating and sending e-mail via Outlook

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  • creating and sending e-mail via Outlook

    For your reference, here is a program I created for creating an e-mail and sending it through MS Outlook.

    I derived this from the code at:

    I enhanced it to support HTML-formatted e-mail, for that reason, also needed a different INC file for Outlook.

    The program gives you the option of having Outlook automatically send e-mail without user interaction with the Outlook application, or the program can just create the e-mail in Outlook but the Outlook user still has to press the send button.

    There is no error checking on the COM API interactions, so you would want to add error checks before putting this code into production program.

    Note that in Outlook 2003 ( and, depending on security settings, in Outlook 2007 and 2010), Outlook presents a dialog box for user approval when it receives a COM API command to create an e-mail.
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