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  • Outlook 2016 COM Library

    With PB9 I'm having a heck of time using the COM Browser to find the right entry for OUTLOOK 2016. Nothing in the Registered libraries except an Office entry for Outlook Viewer with very little in it. Do I need PB10 to get the version of the COM library I need. Nothing seems to show up on the internet when I type in Outlook 2016 COM. Even MSDN stops referring to COM at 2013 Outlook.

    Bob Mechler

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    I 'assume' you have installed Outlook 2016 on your system. If you have, then any version of the PB COM Browser will find the registered libraries.The COM browsers (all versions) read the system. If you haven't installed Outlook 2016, then the libraries are not registered on your system and the COM Browser will not find it.

    If you cannot find The Outlook 2016 API doc @MSDN, you might look there under "microsoft office"

    I think I may have found it here... ... where it says to use the 2010 model in the "using with VBA" paragraph. I googled for "Outlook 2016 object model" and got right to a bunch of relevant pages at MSDN.

    Just glancing at a couple of the other pages I found, it's almost like all the doc is set up assuming you are an "MS-Office" developer.. but I think you'll find the "VBA" portions of the doc will be closer to your PB programming anyway.



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      Thanks for some very good clues. It looks like the fully installed Outlook was actually Outlook 2007. The Outlook 2016 was associated with Office 365. The only registered libraries were for Office Outlook Viewer 1.1 and 1.2. The customer evidently installed Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange. That might be a different animal, don't know. I know our version is Exchange 2007 and is not compatible with Outlook 2016. I noticed the on PB 10 was the same library that I used with Outlook 2000. Again thanks for some very good clues
      Bob Mechler