While most older posts on the topic of OpenGL have been moved into this forum, posts in the Source Code forum were not moved. You should continue to use the Source Code forum for posting complete source code examples.

But, to help facilitate finding OpenGL-specific source code, this thread will provide a listing of OpenGL-specific posts from the Source Code forum.

OpenGl Texture Mapping - Rotating Cube (Multiple Images) Gary Beene Jun 2010
OpenGL Texture Mapping - Rotating Cube (Single Image) Gary Beene Jun 2010
OpenGL Texture Mapping - Minimal Code Gary Beene Jun 2010
Exploring OpenGL - 2D Environment Walt Decker Jun 2010
OpenGL Minimal Code Gary Beene Jun 2010
OpenGL Capability Detector Gary Beene Jun 2010
OpenGL Template (DDT) for PowerBASIC Programmers Gary Beene Jun 2010
OpenGL SDK Objects Example Frank Bruebach May 2010
OpenGL Support Text Petr Schreiber Jr. Mar 2009
Using GDIPlus with OpenGL Charles Pegge Jul 2006
OpenGL Fireworks Scott J. Martindale July 2006
OpenGL32.DLL Jules Marchildon Dec 2005
ArcBall Demo Scott J. Martindale Apr 2005
OpenGL Template File for PB8.0 Bryan Flick Mar 2005
My First OpenGL Visual Plug-In Patrice Terrier Aug 2004
Example Code: Selection of Items in OpenGL Scott J. Martindale Sept 2003
OpenGL Demo: "Hyper Threads" for PB-Win7.0x and PB-CC3.0x Scott J. Martindale Apr 2003
PB 7.x OpenGL Demo - FLying Tortilla Scott J. Matindale Apr 2003
OpenGL Camera Demonstration Joel Patterson Mar 2003
DDT openGL Roberto Valois Feb 2003
OpenGL Screen Saver Peter P Stephensen Feb 2002
PB3D.bas - 3D Glut/OpenGL Example - Roberto Valois Jan 2002

Last updated: 17 Sept 2012