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Welcome to Programming OpenGL!

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  • Welcome to Programming OpenGL!

    Welcome to the Programming OpenGL forum, where the emphasis is on learning how to use OpenGL in PowerBASIC applications! There have been a number of posts related to OpenGL, so the PowerBASIC folks decided to create this forum to act as a focal point for those discussions.

    While the emphasis is on OpenGL, feel free to discuss any 3D technologies. The focus is on OpenGL, but discussions about 3D technologies in general can't help but be of value to learning the ins and outs of programming in OpenGL.

    I'm the moderator (Gary Beene), which simply means that I watch over the forum to make sure posts stay on topic and that forum members feel comfortable joining in the discussions.

    For the record, I am not an OpenGL expert. In fact, I just wrote my first OpenGL application within the last month. But that hasn't stopped me from sharing what I've learned with my own tutorials and source code examples, and now as volunteering to work as moderator for this forum.

    I'll be looking forward to one or more of our forum members stepping up as leaders in the discussions and as innovators in showing just how exciting OpenGL can be for PowerBASIC programmers. I hope to learn a lot from the posts, and even more I hope that my applications will be all that much better from what I learn here.

    So come on in, join the discussions, and enjoy!
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