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    I have been browsing around the forums lately and I've seen
    some examples of opengl being used in powerbasic. But, in every
    example I've seen so far, it requires a seperate .dll in order
    to be run.
    Is there any way to access opengl without having to use
    seperate .dlls ?


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    I believe the only seperate dll is opengl.dll, which is required for all OpenGL apps - it gets installed on the users system when they install OpenGL. I think XP might even come with OpenGL pre-installed

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      Only Windows 95 needs a redistributable.
      All the others versions (98 and up, NT3.5 and up) come with the Opengl dlls.




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        I've looked them over and it appears that if I use glut,
        it requires a seperate .dll
        What is glut and can I work without it?


        If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved. -Sam Adams


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          glut - opengl utility toolkit - is a plataform independent library
          that provides support for menus, input and windowing.
          with glut you can write opengl applications without microsoft
          windows or xwindows api's knowledge.
          you can work without it. check





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            All applications that use OpenGL, need the OpenGL dll (you should be using
            opengl32.dll, not the more dated SGI ported opengl.dll).

            As previously mentioned, it stands for GL Utility Toolkit-- Which are a
            collection of functions intended to assist the programmer in writing generic,
            (usually) lower-end programs without having to delve too deeply into OpenGL

            One important thing to note is that glut is not the same as glu. Glu
            operates at a lower-level than glut, though in principal, is intended to
            assist the OpenGL programmer by wrapping certain commonly used functions
            into a more readable, shorter package.

            My port of OpenGL to PB has a few items from glu and glut converted into
            functions and macros; which means no libs or dlls. I've been writing these
            bits as I go, and as needed. Some of them I haven't posted yet since I want
            to make sure that they're working properly.

            If you have a specific glu/glut function not yet posted, please let me know
            which one(s) they are, and I'll try to get it to you.

            Take care!

            Scott Martindale
            [email protected]

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            Scott Martindale
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