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FreeDDT Version 3.00, Usercontrols??

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  • FreeDDT Version 3.00, Usercontrols??

    FreeDDT Version 3.00 MAY-16-2001

    Listview control's properties are now very much supported.
    size, text-alignment, cols.
    Finally figured out the required calculation for sizing.
    REORDER property is not supported.


    FreeDDT recognizes a special kind of usercontrol.
    If you prepare a usercontrol with the name "PBUserCtrl",
    FreeDDT will recognize it and use it's WindowClass
    property as (custom)classname.
    This way you are able to implement PBSctrls too.
    (Read: any windowclass you would like to use)

    A complete usercontrol sufficient for *any* custom windowclass is added.
    Do not change it's contents but use it as a VB include file.
    File "PBUsrCtl.ctl"

    A specific project is added called: "PBUsrCtl.bas"
    A shortcut: "Non-standard controls" will run the exe.

    PBSCtrl.DLL is added to make the example run.

    ** Take a look in the help how this works! **

    The helpfile is updated with additonal examples
    like how to use the tabcontrol for example.