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Running DOS programs in XP

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  • Running DOS programs in XP

    A simple utility that causes dos programs to run in
    Full Screen in Windows XP. Don't laugh until you try
    it, I ran QB4.0 compiler and many others with it in full screen.

    ProgName$ = COMMAND$
    SCREEN 12
    SCREEN 0
    SHELL ProgName$

    Some programs like PBDOS 3.0 Runs in Full screen without any problems.
    I tried QB4.0 and it was like the rest all jammed up to the top with
    the bottom half blank and using the last color statement.

    So I ran all my old compiled DOS programs and they were all jammed
    to the top also except for one and it was running in full screen,
    looking like it should. It started up displaying a graphic in
    screen 12 mode and switched back to text mode.

    I inserted Screen 12 and Screen 0 at the beginning of all my old dos
    programs and recompiled them and they all started out in Full Screen
    looking like it should.

    I matched every entry that was in PBdos3.0 property box and they still
    didn't run right. Until Windows XP can get this thing fixed or somebody
    can figure out how to set it up to work right, this way will work.


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    sent out a test of this to a site having the problem.
    noticed here that if the program is running in windowed
    mode it can have have some ill effects at startup.
    anyway, if it works in xp, i'll have to add some
    sort of xp full-screen startup option.
    sure seems like a work-around. hope it works.
    i'll be back tomorrow on this!

    related: solution width 25,80 'thank you!


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      No problem! BTW, that should read "WIDTH 80,25".

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