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New admin needed for PBCrypto Archives

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  • New admin needed for PBCrypto Archives

    Friends, regrettably I'm no longer able to maintain the PBCrypto Archives (, but I would like to thank Colin Schmidt for hosting the domain, and everyone who has contributed code over the years. I leave it in Colin's good hands to find a new admin, who is free to do whatever he likes with the site.
    Thanks again everyone for contributing and visiting and helping make the PBCrypto Archives what it is today.


    The PowerBASIC Crypto Archives - My Email - What's mine is yours...

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    hey Wayne,

    Thanks Much for the site, I visit it quite frequently
    is Colin going to continue to provide the space?.. if he can't
    I have extra...

    In a pinch we could help with admin, but I think better for someone
    more expert at the Crypto stuff !!


    Wash DC Area
    Borje's "Poff's" is likely the BEST tool for learning PB..


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      Cheers Wayne,

      I notice that your PB forums account is still active too

      Paul Dwyer
      Network Engineer
      Aussie in Tokyo


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        Yes, thanks Wayne! I try to check "Latest News" once every two
        or three weeks just to keep the "bio RAM above the neck" refreshed
        on what you had on the site.



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          Fine job, Wayne.
          Will you still be around the PBForum ?



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            is Colin going to continue to provide the space
            Not sure, that's completely up to him - he registered the domain, so it's his call.

            Hopefully someone will keep it going as there were a lot of excellent contributions and they still keep coming - PB'ers can today easily use the most advanced ciphers in the world (including all top-three AES ciphers thanks to Greg Turgeon's excellent work), as well as the most advanced checksum algorithms such as MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, RIPEMD-160 and so on.

            Thanks again to the generous people who submitted code, and to the 9500 people who visited to make it worthwhile.


            The PowerBASIC Crypto Archives - My Email - What's mine is yours...


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              Hello everyone,

              We certainly have zero problems with hosting the site. We have
              lots of space and lots of bandwidth. I don’t however have time
              to seek out source code and manage the updates, but I can
              update the site whenever anything is submitted. This would
              result in a “user submitted site” rather than a managed site.
              The worst-case scenario is that the site stays how it is
              forever; I won’t take it off line! With that said, if anyone
              cares to put the time into managing it then by all means I am
              OK with it.

              I will however put some time into revamping and branding the
              site; it will probably be structured along the lines of our
              other corporate sites that make use of our proprietary website
              generation software. Example:

              Regards to everyone,
              Colin Schmidt

              [This message has been edited by Colin Schmidt (edited February 13, 2004).]