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    First, I'd like to say thank you to all have purchased EZGUI so far. The response has been good.

    For those of you who hesitant to purchase EZGUI, why not give it a try, since there is a 30 day Money Back guarantee if you buy the "Packaged" version (which includes a printed manual). (Sorry, the Money Back guarantee does not apply to the email version).

    Even advanced programmers will like EZGUI. I recognized that EZGUI could appear to pose limits to experienced API programmers, so I added a few special commands to give you access to the internals of EZGUI.

    There is the EZ_HookDialogProc command which allows you to intercept the windows messages before EZGUI processes them. You can create your own Dialog Procedure, which "preprocesses" things, before EZGUI does.

    There is the EZ_HookMsgLoopProc which allows you to intercept messages within the EZGUI message loop.

    You can get the handles to Forms (Windows), controls, brushes, Bitmaps, Icons and Fonts for use with API calls.

    EZGUI has its own version of the SendMessage API call:

    EZ_SendMessage FormName$, ControlID&, Msg&, wParam&, lParam&

    It uses the EZGUI format of Form Name and Control ID, rather than an actual Window handle.

    If you want to use custom controls (or common controls not supported by EZGUI), you can use the EZ_ControlEX function. It uses standard API constants for styles and will convert the character coordinates into pixels for you.

    EZGUI has built in SubClassing for controls. It is easy to do.

    EZ_SubClass 1
    ' create controls that will be subclasses
    ' ie. Button
    EZ_Button %ButtonID, 1,1, 20, 1.5, "Button Text", "T"
    EZ_SubClass 0

    When your control gets events, you can process the %EZ_SubClass event. This event passes a pointer to an array which contains the current windows message (and wParam and lParam) and the controls handle.

    EZGUI handles removing the subclassing when the control is destroyed, for you. SubClassing is now very easy to do.

    EZGUI has many features that are difficult to impliment for an experienced programmer. One of my favorites, is the Keyboard Accelerators. With just one line of code, you can impliment a bunch of Accelerators for a Form (Dialog).

    The commands for the Common Dialogs, do NOT require any API constants at all. They are easy to use.

    Applying Colors and Fonts to controls is as easy as pie.

    Implimenting a Tab control is amazingly easy !
    There are two methods that Microsoft suggests in implimenting a Tab control. One is to create a separate Dialog (and procedure) for each tab. The second is to simply show and hide controls as you need them on one Dialog. The second method is what EZGUI uses. It would be very difficult to use this method with "any" standard RC editor (Dialog Editor). Controls would be overlapping one another in your Dialog Editor.

    EZGUI solves this problem with the use of a "Layering" engine. Controls can be created and assigned to a particular layer. The Visual Designer supports up to 51 Layers. In the Visual Desiger, you can work with one Layer at a Time (and hide the others). In your code you can display a Layer (and Hide all the others) with a single command, EZ_DisplayLayer .

    The use of Layers, is a feature even VB does not have.

    EZGUI is "more" than just an easier way to develop PB apps. It actually offers you powerful advanced features. Even beginners can create apps that do things that more experienced programmers find hard to do.

    There are some functions in EZGUI, that took me days of research before I could write them. Now you can do many of these things in minutes.

    The best thing, is that the EZGUI DLL is only 122 KB (an extra 19 KB if you use the Image library for Toolbar bitmaps).

    Also, you will find that very large apps, will be smaller than their 100% code counterparts, because after the first few Dialogs, you have a savings in code size because EZGUI is so modular, that you have a savings in code size. EZGUI uses just one universal Dialog procedure for every Dialog in your program. You could have 100 Dialogs, and yet you have only one Dialog procedure. Imagine having a Dialog with 20 Scrollbars. The code could get a bit overwhelming, processing each scrollbar separately. EZGUI handles it all with one internal procedure.

    EZGUI is not just for creating small utilities. It is for creating large commercial applications on the level of what many VB programmers create. It is not unreasonable to be able to create a 50,000 line (of code) app with dozens of Dialogs with EZGUI. Thats what I designed it for.

    Chris Boss
    Computer Workshop
    Developer of "EZGUI"


      ..Got the 1.1 update to ESGUI. The new faster method of handling the "TAB" controls is great! Just when I thought EZGUI was the best I could be... you made it even better.

      Marty Francom
      [email protected]


        Is the EZGUI website down?
        I can't to the site since yesterday.

        Warped by the rain, Driven by the snow...


          Yes, it seems that way.

          Chris Boss
          Computer Workshop
          Developer of "EZGUI"


            Yes, it seems that way.

            I can't access it either. I have not gotten a reply back from our web host to find out what the problem is yet.

            If you would like to order EZGUI while the web site is down, you can contact Rayfield Communications at:

            Rayfield Communications, Inc.
            2201 W. Battlefield Rd. #2
            Springfield, Missouri 65807
            417-887-4663 (voice)
            417-887-1434 (fax)
            Email - [email protected]

            Chris Boss
            Computer Workshop
            Developer of "EZGUI"



              I set up a "Temporary" web site you can go to, while the main web site is down. This temporary site does not have online ordering, but it does have info for PHONE, MAIL or FAXING an order.


              Chris Boss
              Computer Workshop
              Developer of "EZGUI"


                Our web site is back up again !

                It turns out that there was nothing wrong with it, but a Domain Server somewhere on the Internet was having a problem, so our address couldn't be found by some people.

                You can order online again if you like.

                Chris Boss
                Computer Workshop
                Developer of "EZGUI"


                  ..Did you get a chance to check out "RAPID-Q"?
                  Have you been please with the responce you have gotten from PB programmer to EZ-GUI?
                  ..I was talking to Patrice Terrier and he has been rather disappointed in the support (ie. purchases) of his "SKINS" programmer library. I don't think this forum reaches enough PB programmers. I wonder how many registered users of PB/DLL/CC actually logon onto this forum on a regular basis. Those figures probably will not be made public, but I would be surprised if it was more than 10%. If that is the case, then both you and Patrice need to find other methods to get information about your add-ons for PB/DLL out to the registered users of PB.
                  ..Would PB be willing to include information about products like yours and Patrice's in the mailings that the send out from time to time? How would you rate PB's willingness to help developers of add-on's market there add-on products?
                  ..Personally, I think it would be to PB's interest to help promote third party add-on products. Clipper has done this for years and mails out a catalog on a regular basis. Delphi does something simular I am told.
                  ..I sure hope your product gets review in one of the computer magazines. I bet that would really get sales soring.
                  ..All I can say is that, except for Patrice's BTREE routines your EZGUI is the most useful add-on I have!

                  Marty Francom
                  [email protected]


                    Just my $0.02 opinion.

                    EZ-Gui is VERY well thought out. Making graphical apps is now
                    faster than ever using PB/DLL and EZ-GUI. I recommend it to anybody who wants to get their work done without pruning into a pile of books to find out about the WinAPI. Time is money and this utility will make my time more productive and concentrate on the problem at hand and not on the WinAPI.


                    I'm definitely interested in WinLIFT and will buy it the day i need it. And that's just the whole point. The work Patrice has done is a tremendous effort but it's a niche market he's entering. Only a few programs with a special purpose - winamp comes to mind - uses this kind of mechanism. In the corporate world we're all so accustomed to the look and feel Microsoft enforced upon us that people don't care about it anymore as long as it looks the same as the others. Being a different apps in the pile may be perceived as 'not standard and not accepted as serious.'.

                    What I could recommend is just make a shareware library and distribute if for free - put it on developer sites even advertise it in magazines like DrDobbs (although this one is maybe not the right choice.) Anyway, there are definitely magazines that are very useful for this kind of tool.

                    The tool is definety worth while - I guess - but as long as people don't feel a need for it they won't purchase it. So how
                    do you convert people ? It's the hardest thing anybody can do, harder than writing nice programs 8-)

                    So here we are, this is the end.
                    But all that dies, is born again.
                    - From The Ashes (In This Moment)


                      The response to EZGUI has been good.

                      The important thing is that we are in this for the "long haul".

                      "Initial Sales" are not always an indicator of how successful a product will be. Long term support for a product is crucial.

                      Likely, we have access to only a small portion of the PB user base, but over time the word will get out.

                      As one of our customers said to me "I am telling everyone about PB and EZGUI". Word of mouth advertising may very well be our best asset at this time.

                      Yes, I would like to see PowerBasic offer more help to third party developers. In the long run it is to their best interest. A catalog of PB addons, included with all their mailings would be good. They could charge a reasonable fee for say a quarter page AD (up to full page) in the catalog. They should list the Addons for Free with a single 2 line description and then offer space for paid ads.

                      The success of a programming language is dependent upon encouragement of third party support. Look at the support for VB today.


                      I downloaded RapidQ. It is intriguing ! It is NOT a compiler though. It is a PCODE compiler (much like VB was). It uses byte codes for each command and doesn't actually compile to machine language. The runtime does get embeded into your EXE, but the runtime is 274 KB in size (not too bad). It also lacks many of the PB commands and would likely be slow compared to PB.

                      It is also a bit buggy in the development environment (I crashed it a couple of times).

                      On the other hand, I did like how it defined Objects (similiar to UDTs). The Visual Designer wasn't half bad. There are a few things RapidQ does, that PB could learn from. The language syntax for objects was very good (Like a UDT it used Create/End Create).

                      RapidQ does not handle "external" DLLs wells and is not suited to callbacks, as far as I can tell. Callbacks are an integral part of programming in windows.

                      Chris Boss
                      Computer Workshop
                      Developer of "EZGUI"


                        I was one that was very skeptical of buying EZGUI because of the
                        DLL's. I was a VB programmer since the DOS version came out.
                        I really like Power Basic but the created code from the form
                        designer as least for me was not very clear. EZGUI laid out
                        programs much the same as VB did, and much the same way I use to
                        program in QB. Development time was close to half the time I
                        spent on the same program without EZGUI.

                        While the size of the program is larger, compared to VB, that
                        program was nothing in size. EZGUI also has the ability to
                        import VB forms, which has been a plus in converting programs to
                        PB. The biggest plus to EZGUI is the support. Chris rates
                        11.5 on a 1 to 10 scale. It's rare to get the level of support
                        that he does give!

                        For me EZGUI has been one product that does what is advertised,
                        and worth every penny. Coupled with
                        outstanding support, logical code, EZGUI is the only way to go.
                        Thanks Chris, and thanks for such a great program.




                          Thanks for the compliment !

                          As Jim said, I do take seriously the importance of Tech Support!

                          Tech Support is part of the package when purchasing EZGUI !

                          Just browse the EZGUI forums and you will see that I post something
                          personally on most of the questions posed. Often I post detailed
                          answers and even source code examples. If necessary, I will research
                          the API docs myself to find solutions to something that can't be
                          done with EZGUI alone. Of course there are some subjects I may not
                          be well versed in, but I offer the best I can with what I do know.

                          That said ...

                          A lot is in store for the next generation of EZGUI !

                          (4.0 will be the next version)

                          The Designer is being significantly improved and the runtime engine
                          has many new features that are being added to it.

                          Chris Boss
                          Computer Workshop
                          Developer of "EZGUI"

                          [This message has been edited by Chris Boss (edited May 12, 2005).]
                          Chris Boss
                          Computer Workshop
                          Developer of "EZGUI"